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Servers For Resistance Trilogy Going Offline Tomorrow

Remember Resistance – the sci-fi first person shooter trilogy for the PlayStation 3? The games may not have been as huge of a hit as Insomniac’s previous franchise – Ratchet and Clank – but the first game proved the PlayStation 3 was more than just an expensive grill. Now Sony is pulling the plug on the franchise’s online play. Insomniac …

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Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Revealed [Video]

The games for the Playstation Vita are really starting to pick up! Today over at the European Playstation Blog, we got to learn more sweet details on the multiplayer aspect of the Resistance game for the Vita. Resistance: Burning Skies features an all new campaign set in the world of Resistance. It also offers a multiplayer experience that includes up …

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