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Latest Keyword Triggered Ads and Trademark Ruling

Eric Goldman reports factually on the latest trademark infringement case, ruled on by a court in Eastern Pennsylvania:

AOL Letting People Sell Videos

I’m not planning on doing this – anyone want to buy boring, long videos with Web 2.0 CEOs? Heheh.

Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.

“You” Politics?

New York Times reports that John Edwards will announce his candidacy on Thursday. It reports: “Mr. Edwards, who is arguably the most Web-savvy candidate in the ’08 race to date, is using Thursday’s event to try to gin up his supporters via the Internet.”

Google’s Employee Stock Option Auction Plan

A new Google program will allow employees, with vested stock options, to sell them online without the normal hassles of exercising and selling.

Skype’s New Calling Plan

The Washington Post reports that Skype will introduce a plan that lets customers pay $30 per year for unlimited SkypeOut dialing to US and Canadian phone numbers.

Powerful Mobile Application from Windows Live

The Windows Live folks have released a really cool application for mobile phones, one that makes it easier to check out maps and find driving directions and traffic conditions.

Jaman To Global Videos

New online video downloading site Jaman targets the international market.

The Myth, The Legend, The iPhone

It’s true! Apple’s application to obtain a patent, to protect a new device which they described as a combination of a mobile phone and an iPod, was made public yesterday.

Google Checks Out PayPal’s Market Lead

Google’s young online payment service, Checkout, is one of the few Google products to live up to the hype in some time. As of Cyber Monday 2006, Checkout halved PayPal’s market share lead.

Google Checkout Up 30%

Hitwise reports that downstream traffic to Google Checkout is up 30% in the past four weeks, with the number one store, by far, being Buy.com. Buy delivered 18.3% of Checkout’s traffic, with number 2 Dick’s Sporting Goods way behind at 4.8%. Of course, Google’s major “Free Money” promotion is the biggest thing driving people to use the service, and with it running until the end of December, we’ll have to wait for January numbers to see if there is a big drop-off.

MSN’s Small Biz Directory Closed?

It seems that Microsoft Small Business Directory has been closed. Matt McGee reports that when you go to the Add your site page and click on the required link it takes to another page which says:

Your Technorati Link Count

Darren Rowse reports Technorati has launched a Link Count Widget which allows bloggers to display the number of inbound links for any given blog post.

Webshots Adds Video

Thomas Hawk reports that two services added video to their service offerings (Vizrea and Webshots). I talked with Webshots execs and it sounds very cool. I’m off to check it out.

Duncan Riley leaves B5 Media

I was just over at Robyn Tippins blog. She blogs for B5 Media and reports that Duncan Riley, vice president of development for B5 Media has left B5.

Google Delivers A Virus

The Google Video team accidentally sent out an email to 50,000 recipients of a Google Video email list, according to eWeek.

Google Trying Print Ads

Just because Google’s initial effort to bring its bidding platform to print ads failed, doesn’t mean the company is giving up.

AdBrite And Behavioral Targeting

Ad network AdBrite has announced the addition of behavioral targeting to its ads.

Google Founder Shacking Up In New NYC Digs

One of Google’s super-billionaire founders, either Sergey Brin or Larry Page, has bought a new apartment in Manhattan, ponying up as much as $30 million for an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York City.

Google Launches New Mobile Gmail Version

Google’s hoping to encourage more people to access their Gmail account via their cell phone, with the launch of a new downloadable Java application.

Google Maps Eliminates Usability Mistake

Gogole Maps had one incredibly annoying feature: Click the name of your search result in the balloon on the map, and get transported to a new page with more info on the result, including a mini-map and search results. While the more info page was very useful, the fact that it was a new page and appeared in the same tab made it very annoying, since you had to go Back to the map, and hope it reloaded correctly.