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Google Courting More Students With Email

Google’s serious about creating relationships with the greater Academia – its founders were collegiate all-stars building printers out of Legos, and of course badly-named search engines (Google was once called BackRub, we imagine because that was Larry Page’s best pickup line) – ahem, as more and more universities turn their email systems over to the search engine company.

Google Shows Who’s Selling Cheap Quality Links
Google recently added the ability for you to report link buyers, which is probably nothing more than a mind control game and a complete waste of time. I recently saw what looked like obvious link buying by Discovery.com. Do you think Google would do anything about it if I reported them? Nope.

AdWords Gets Content Placement Reports
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Google announced today the addition of Placement Performance reports to AdWords, which allows advertisers to see exactly which sites their ads are appearing.

The World Thinks Google’s Big Brother

There’s a lot of buzzing in the blogosphere right now (you can read Jordan’s coverage here), as it appears Google is under fire again for its privacy policies. AP reports that London-based Privacy International has issued a study of 23 internet companies, with Google coming out dead-last. In fact no other company studied, received the same low rating.

Google Gets Secure With GreenBorder

Had another company done this, it might have seemed silly; it might have been called a lost opportunity.  But for GreenBorder, staying out of the spotlight was a rather impressive feat; you see, the security company was acquired by Google, and it then kept word from spreading for almost two weeks.

Google Gets Secure With GreenBorder
Google Gets Secure With GreenBorder
Google Gets Secure With GreenBorder

Absolute Gobbledegook

Everyone knows that in marketing the really big dollars are shepherded around by the media boys, the likes of Mindshare and Starcom.

Microsoft Mixes it Up

I’ve posted a few of the best posts from the floor of Mix to my link blog. I didn’t post much news myself, instead have been listening to developers up in the BlogZone about what they think to get a feeling of how well Microsoft’s announcements are going over with attendees.

Contextual Ads Added to Ask Sponsored Listings
The 30,000 advertisers using Ask Sponsored Listings just received a new channel for displaying their ads as IAC has announced the launch of a contextual advertising channel.

Most Blogs Have Offensive Content
PC World reports on Scansafe’s Monthly Global Threat Report for March 2007, which states that up to 80% of blogs contain “offensive” content. This includes porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware—6% hosted active malware.

PC World describes the methodology behind the report:

Did Doubleclick Turn Down Microsoft Money?

John Battelle reports that Microsoft was actually offering more money than Google was for Doubleclick and that Doubleclick went with Google anyway.

Honeymoon Over for Social Networks?
MediaPost reports on an In-Stat report that says the honeymoon is over for social networks. It’s time to root, hog, or die: “They need to start generating revenue now or bow out of the race, according to a new report from In-Stat. ‘In order for a social networking site to be successful, it must attain a critical mass, and competition is fierce to attract new members,’ said In-Stat analyst Jill Meyers.”

Google Ranking News With General Search Results

Google is starting to integrate news results into standard web search results which will eventually mean the end of OneBox results. Under the OneBox scheme of search result display, news links were placed at the top of general search results in a neat cluster.

The Crowd Reports on Virginia Tech

As horrific as the circumstances at Virginia Tech were, as a journalist it was fascinating to watch the information about the shootings filter out through the students and faculty at the college, by way cellphones and webcams, blogs and Facebook accounts, Flickr photos and LiveJournal updates. The Wikipedia page was updated minute by minute (the page of edits makes for interesting reading). Another example of “crowdsourcing” the news.

Google Signs Deal with Clear Channel
Since the end of last year, we’ve suspected that Google has been hard at work, trying to negotiate a big deal for its Google Audio Ads. Back in November reports surfaced that Google was looking to buy $1 billion in radio advertising from Clear Channel Communications.

Google IME Caught Plagiarizing

Google has been caught copying some of its competitor’s data for the recent release of their Chinese Input Method Editor (a desktop tool to convert Pinyin characters into Chinese characters).

Why You Can’t Just “Destroy” Your Online Past
The latest Business Week article, “Web Attack“, looks at how you should monitor your web reputation and steps you can take to try and respond to negative reviews, blogs and forums, etc.

Reputation monitoring and management is a vital tactic for any company (or individual) interested in what the web has to say about them, but it’s important to know that “engaging” your critics does not mean using an automated process to squash them. You can’t hope to hire a firm to wipe out your past transgressions, if you’re not changing your habits and reaching out to those who challenge you.

That’s why it’s important to highlight this bold claim by ReputationDefender…

Domain Name Prices To Rise (And Keep Rising?)

This won’t cause the end of the world, and it probably won’t even drive anyone out of business, but VeriSign is set to raise domain prices by 7-10%.  More ominous is the possibility that the prices will, from this point on, continue to increase on a yearly basis.  Oh, well – at least the company is being upfront about it.

Jilted Reporters Take Expertise Online

Lose your job?  Well, you didn’t lose your knowledge base – why not give your old employer a run for its money?  That’s what eight former reporters at the Santa Barbara News-Press did when they were fired, and they named the result the Santa Barbara Newsroom.

Does Google Investigate All Bad SERP Reports?

A statement made by Google recently bagged lots of critical feedbacks on a WebmasterWorld thread. In a Google update on spam reporting Google claimed that they will investigate all bad SERP reports.

Google Joins Doubleclick Bidders

As we talked about last week, Doubleclick is for sale and Microsoft was thought to be the leader in the clubhouse to buy the advertising company.

Video Ads the Right Way
We’ve long been told that to appeal to an online audience, traditional advertisers must change the way that they create their video ads. But studies say . . . no. A study by Millward Brown now indicates that the online video audience receives the same 30 second video ad spot quite similarly to offline viewers—nay, better than their offline counterparts.

eMarketer reports:

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