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Study: Half of Traffic to UK Sites Comes from Online Marketing
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The AT Internet Institute conducted a study comparing investments in online marketing campaigns among France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The firm’s findings are that the UK far exceeds the other three countries in this realm.

Report: Paid Search Spend Up 10%

SearchIgnite has released a report, which indicates that paid search spending in the United States was flat year-over-year in the third quarter, yet up 10% quarter-over-quarter. This comes largely from multi-channel retailers, who increased paid search spend by 40% in the quarter, according to the firm. This is despite flat conversion rates and average order value.

Coupon Site Reports Big Growth for Online Sales
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Ebates, a site that many big-name brands offer rebates and coupons through, released its online retail report for August, finding that online sales through the site grew 57% during the month, compared to the same time period a year ago.

The categories that showed the biggest growth were: department stores, baby % kids, books & magazines, apparel & shoes, and health & beauty. In fact, only one category covered by Ebates showed decline – home décor.

Phishing Down, But Probably Only Temporarily

Spam is rising as we get closer to the Christmas holiday season according to Symantec, although they do say that phishing is down. The company has shared some findings from its September State of Phishing report.

According to the report, there was a 45% reduction in phishing attacks between July and August. Symantec says this will likely be a short-term lull, however, reflecting the end of a particular toolkit attack on social networking sites.

App Store Gets Twice the Downloads of Android Market

New findings from AdMob indicate that twice as many paid apps are downloaded per user on Apple App Store compared to the Android Market. This information comes from AdMob’s Metrics Report for the month of July.

Teen Media Habits Surprising to Some
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Nielsen recently shared some findings from its report (pdf) on how teens use media. Interestingly enough, the results don’t live up to the stereotypical "teens are always texting" scenario.

Google Analyzes Rich Media Ad Effectiveness
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Google’s DoubleClick is presenting findings from a new study it commissioned with Dynamic Logic,  this afternoon at the ARF Conference. The study, titled, "The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads (pdf)," analyzes image (gif/jpg), simple Flash, and rich media (with and without video) ad formats.

Email Marketing on the Rise
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New research suggests that email marketing in the US will reach $2 billion by 2014. This isn’t exactly in line with research from JupiterRearch earlier this year, which suggested $2.1 billion in 2012, but it’s looking good for the industry nonetheless.

Report: Bing Replaces Yahoo as Number 2
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Research reported by StatCounter says that Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has taken over Yahoo for the second place slot in search market share. Clearly, it’s getting a lot of attention since it just launched, so let’s keep this in context.

Web Analytics Market to Reach Nearly $1 Billion in US
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Research from Forrester indicates that the US Web Analytics Market is on track to reach nearly a billion dollars by 2014. Forrester attributes this to a need for marketing organizations to be more accountable to businesses.

Also at play is a shift in marketing budgets’ allocation for interactive channels, for the purpose of matching consumers’ migration online, the firm notes. The market is expected to grow to $953 million by 2014, which would be a 17% compound annual growth rate.

Kids/Teens Drawn to Virtual Worlds, Not Marketers
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What do you get when you cross a video-game with social networking? Virtual worlds – and they’re no joke, particularly with younger generations who are immersing themselves in increasing numbers.

Yahoo Uncovers New Demographics Based on Email Habits
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Yahoo Research released an interesting report this month characterizing individual communication patterns. The report is based upon a study that looked specifically at what times of the day people regularly communicated through email, and found that demographics can be pulled away from this information.

Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions
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Social Media MarketingAuthor and WebProNews Blog Partner Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. Interesting stats from the report include:

Report Looks at Ad Requests for iPhone vs Android

Mobile advertising platform AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of March. It highlights some interesting trends in smartphone applications.

AdMob serves ads for over 6,000 web sites and 1,000 apps and stores and analyzes the data from each ad request, impression, and click. The report is intended to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

Despite Recession, US Online Ad Spending Continues to Rise
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Research shows that marketers are spending more on online advertising and less on ads in newspapers, magazines, and radio. According to eMarketer, each year, ad spending on online media is growing by at least a percentage point.

eMarketer also projects that online ad dollars will jump about 5% by 2013. Here’s how they see it playing out:

Give Customers a Way to Interact or They’ll Go Elsewhere

Netpop Research recently released a report on social media use by consumers who have broadband Internet connections. The report indicates that the majority (76%) of broadband users are active contributors to social media.

Facebook Attracting More of the Older Crowd

Facebook has received a lot of criticism in recent weeks as it rolled out some pretty big changes in design and functionality. Such changes and criticism did not do much to slow down growth of the site however.

1 in 5 Google Visits Come from Browser Search Box
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AT Internet Institute released its monthly Search Engine Barometer for the month of February, revealing some interesting findings. For one – one out of every five Google visits is attributed to the browser search bar. That’s 20.1% of Google visits – three times more than Live Search (7%) and ten times more than Yahoo (2.3%).

Smartphone Usage Continues to Grow Despite Economy

Mobile advertising marketplace AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of February. It highlights some interesting trends in Smartphone Market Share.

Even in the current economic climate, smartphones managed to continue to gain significant market share on a global scale over the past six months. This market share rose from 26% to 33% in February.

A Slow Year For Web Traffic (So Far)

AT Internet Institute has provided some interesting data looking into the evolution of web traffic. So far growth is slow this year.

Mobile Local Search Advertising to Reach $1.3 Billion?
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Shortcovers on iPhoneThe number of people using mobile devices to get content is on the way up.