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British Search Less But Find More?

Recent numbers are showing that Google is an even heavier hitter in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Google, Yahoo Offer Search Weather Reports

Both search engines have had updates taking place, with Yahoo issuing its customary “weather report” while Matt Cutts at Google discusses their latest tweaks.

Google Brings Yahoo and Microsoft into Publishing Fight

Google’s decided, “if we’re going to be sued for our book-scanning project, then so should our friends.”

Podzinger to Start Showing Targeted Ads

Podzinger is launching a new ad service that will show video ads based on search queries entered and the content being viewed, reports ClickZ.

Mainstream Media Preferred Over Blogs for News

ClickZ reports on a LexisNexis survey that polled consumers on where they go to get the latest news.

Im jealous of Open Hack Dayers

Beck showed up at the Yahoo Open Hack Day. Wow. Michael Arrington, who helped arrange the event, begged me to come and said I’d really be blowing it if I didn’t go.

Microsoft Looking At Incentives For Soapbox

AdWeek reports that Microsoft is considering what kind of incentives it can offer for those who make heavy use of its Soapbox video storage/sharing service.

Ask.com to Revamp Search Ads

MarketingVOX reports Ask.com is planning to update its paid search platform in October, adding more control over daily search budgets and new reporting tools among other new features.

Belgian Courts Stick-it to Google

The Belgians must have taken anti-Google lessons from the French if a recent Belgian court order is anything to go by.

Advertisers Want More Data from Cables Ads

ClickZ reports the rise of online advertising is causing marketers to demand better data from cable networks.

Miva Serves Up In-line Text Ads

Ad network Miva is adding a new pay-per-click ad – in-line text links that show pop-up ad whenever a user mouses over them.

British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

Real Estate Marketing Shifting to Blogs?

ClickZ reports that real estate agents may be looking for a new home for their advertising budgets.

Squatters Fly Kites In Hurricane Season

As the morning news shows led their programs regaling the audience about nothing happening in Florida (you have to get Michelle Kosinski on camera somehow), disaster domain scammers were probably quite busy taking advantage of ICANN’s five-day return policy.

Gmail Japan Opens Signups

Reuters reports that Google has opened up registration for Gmail in Japan.

VisiStat vs. Google Analytics

I first came to know about VisiStat when I read about them automating web analytics implementation on PR Web. Intrigued by that idea, I wrote a quick blog post talking about it and was quickly contacted by a marketing rep wondering if I wanted an extended trial version.

Crystal Shines On Eclipse

The Crystal Reports for Eclipse from Business Objects brings the power of the outstanding reporting tool to Eclipse developers.

AOL Renews Privacy Concerns In Congress

AOL’s shocking searcher log release has reignited the debate in Congress over whether to restrict Internet companies’ use and storage of user data. Though a bill aimed at protecting user privacy has been effectively tabled since February, the fallout from AOL’s data dump may bring it back into light.

RSS Exposes Users to Attack

ZDNet reports from the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas that security experts are increasingly concerned about the potential for malicious attacks perpetrated through web feeds.

Google Code Offers Midterm Reports

The Summer of Code continues at Google, which presented a midterm report on the state of the project during the recently-held OSCON 2006.

YouTube IPO? Shhhh! Don’t Say Bubble

Despite denying that online video phenom YouTube could be priced or bought for a bubbly $1 billion, founder Chad Hurley is warm to the idea of an initial public offering.