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Android Developers Now Have A Say On Google Play Android Developers Now Have A Say On Google Play
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User reviews are one of those necessary evils when it comes to the Internet. There are a lot of good people out there who want to praise the hard work you put into your product, but there’s always that one …

Yahoo And Reply Partner

Reply, a provider of online consumer services focused on the real estate and automotive industry has partnered with Yahoo Real Estate to offer their home valuation information.

Webmaster Settles With IA, Goes After Teenager
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One of the most bizarre Internet stories this year gets more bizarre. Internet Archive and Suzanne Shell have resolved their lawsuits against each other "amicably," a word that follows words like "theft" and "racketeering" about as well as toothpaste follows orange juice. Next on her list: a 15-year-old Canadian jokester. 

Daring Danny Duels with Diggers
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Yesterday, Danny Sullivan posted an interesting response to Jason Calacanis’ latest potshot at the search engine optimization industry. Basically, as he’s been prone to do in the past, Calacanis ripped SEO. He said that it was 90% snake oil salesmen and warned the Internet populace in general not to smoke the SEO crack. Then he got nasty…

Why BBC Doesn’t Use Flash (Video)

Those of you based in the UK (and probably some of you who aren’t) may have noticed some recent changes on the BBC website, in particular the update to the audio and video player which now uses Windows Media Player as well as Real Player (it used to be just Real).

Gmail Now Goes In The Other Direction

Gmail has added two new interface languages, Arabic and Hebrew, as well as a few buttons to handle the difficulty of right-to-left text.

Waiting For A Reply

The newest trend in search engines may come from a Reply. Reply has tried something new by providing a venue for people to search for certain things based on forms a user fills out online.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Memo Posted, Scobles Reply

I got permission from PR to post Steve’s email. Steve, I personally am not happy with what it appears went down in this case …

Strange Gawker Reply To Durst Sex Tape Suit

Gawker was served a lawsuit on Friday by the legal team of Fred Durst. You may recall that he was the second celebrity whose Sidekick was hacked.

Email: Do It Right!

Judging from what I receive, lots of people have not thought much about email. Yet dealing with it effectively is vitally important to the success of your business. This may be the most overlooked and under-valued aspect of doing business on the Web. Here is what is needed.