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MakerBot Helped To Make A 3D Printed Dress

The 3D printed dress is nothing new, but they’re still certainly wild. The versatility of 3D printing has tapped into the wildest imaginations of fashion designers and we end up with dresses that defy reality. The latest comes from Francis Bitonti Studio and MakerBot. The dress, called the 3D Printed Bristle Dress, is a white gown that features an almost …

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The Cheap Asian 3D Printer Rivals Are Here

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the price of 3D printers drop dramatically as key patents expire or the cost of components decrease. They still cost quite a bit of money, however, as much of the manufacturing and labor takes place in the U.S. Now Asian rivals, complete with cheaper labor costs, are trying to muscle their way into …

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MakerBot Digitizer Goes On Sale For $1,400

So, you bought a MakerBot Replicator 2 and you’re already printing out stuff that you find on Thingiverse. Now you want to start printing things that you find around the house. You can either painstakingly recreate the objects in 3D modeling software, or you can use a 3D scanner that costs thousands of dollars. Well, MakerBot now has a cheaper …

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These Are The 3D Printers You Can Use For Free At The Chicago Library

The Chicago Public Library revealed in June that it was opening a maker space at its Harold Washington Library Center. The space officially opened on July 8, but we now only just got a good look at the kind of hardware the city will be using. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Harold Washington Library bought three MakerBot Replicator 2s. …

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MakerBot Announces The Replicator 2 3D Printer

MakerBot has been one of the biggest names in the hobbyist 3D printing movement for the past few years. The company’s Replicator made 3D printing affordable earlier this year with a single extruder model only costing $1,749. Now the company is ready to jump into the next generation. MakerBot announced today that they’re bringing the MakerBot Replicator 2 to market. …

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