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Nexus 5 Found Easier To Repair Than Other Smartphones

The Nexus 5 is already a hit. Google’s latest flagship device has been getting nothing but positive reviews, and it’s already backordered on Google Play. Now what is perhaps the most important review for the device has finally rolled in. The guys at iFixIt are back with their traditional teardown review of the Nexus 5. All you ever wanted to …

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The iPhone 5 Might Be Apple’s Most Repairable Device Yet

The iPhone 5 is making its way into the hands of early adopters today. I’m willing to bet that at least one of those early adopters drops the phone and breaks it. That’s when you turn to iFixit and their expert breakdowns to see if the iPhone 5 can be easily repaired. We’ve already seen the majority of the iPhone …

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Want To Repair A Broken Nexus 7 Tablet? Watch This Video

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is one of the hottest tablets on the market right now. It’s cheap enough to have mass appeal while having enough power to run even the most demanding of Android apps. It’s going to start facing some stiff competition at the hands of the Kindle Fire HD soon enough, but the tablets can co-exist. Of course, …

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