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China Making Games for Facebook

Even though Facebook has been banned in China since 2009, Chinese developers are still producing software for the social networking giant. And with this, Facebook has been able to portray an idea of potential growth in China for potential investors. David Lim, a Facebook mobile developer relations division engineer, recently told Bloomberg that China makes up roughly 20% of its …

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Chinese Overcome Firewall, Use Facebook

For unknown reasons, Chinese web users were able to get past that country’s firewall, and briefly access typically blocked social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. China typically blocks any website its government might deem as a threat to social stability, and puts similar products in place which censor whatever they’d like, including renren, the Chinese Facebook. “I can …

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China’s Great Firewall Begets Alternate Facebook, Twitter

What’s a global superpower without a little home-grown social media sprinkled in the mix? In the United States and Western Europe, services like Facebook and Twitter are as common in household nomenclature as toilet paper and driveways. As China continues to increase its influence on the global stage, it has seen a boom in social media use with odd alternate …

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