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Google Rolling Out AdSense Relevancy Improvements

Google announced (subtly) that it is rolling out a series of enhancements to AdSense’s contextual targeting capabilities to more accurately match relevant ads to AdSense publishers’ pages.

Unfortunately, not many details about these enhancements were given away, but Google says AdSense publishers will not have to update their AdSense accounts or ad code. Changes will be applied automatically.

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Google Aims to Square Away Relevancy

At Google’s Searchology event today, the company discussed a new feature coming soon to Google Labs. It’s called Google Squared and will apparently pull unstructured data right from the web and put it into spreadsheets.

From the sound of it, you can search for something and receive a list of info that relates to that query.

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New Google SERP Features

Google recently announced 2 new improvements to Google Search. The first is an expanded list of related searches, and the second is the addition of longer search result descriptions.

The company says it’s deploying a new technology that better understands associations and concepts related to searches. Google explains:

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Are Brands Really the Solution to the Internet “Cesspool?”

Eric SchmidtIn 2008, Eric Schmidt called the Internet a cesspool and said that brands were the way to sort it out. Popular blogger Michael Gray aka Graywolf says that big brand media sites are "the real cesspool of the Internet."

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Relevancy by Race?

Murray Dick and Mark Ward have an article up at BBC News looking at Rushmore Drive and minority-based web searching. They look specifically at a search engine called RushmoreDrive, which we pointed to back in April upon its launch.

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This Cesspool We Call the Internet

Eric Schmidt

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What Better Relevancy Can Google Come up With?

Google, already has a near infinite number of data points to compute relevancy for the active parts of the web, and is looking to gather even more user data information. The WSJ has background on the story:

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Relevancy Chagnes at MSN, Yahoo, & Maybe Google

MSN Search Update

MSN announced they are upgrading relevancy and coverage. The increased coverage likely means that more inbound link sources are getting indexed. From looking at rankings of a few of my sites it looks like:

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Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?

After extensive gaming, Google’s algorithm (it is assumed) shifted from using the quantity of links as an indicator of source authority, to measuring the quality (reputation) of the linker in order to determine relevancy. Gamers are still there though, this time with bigger budgets, and things may be about to change again – most likely to a much more complicated game.

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Google: From Direct Marketing to Branded Ads

Ad Relevancy & Quality Scores

Google has again and again touted the value of their targeted marketing, but most of the fortune 500 ad dollars are not spent on targeted marketing. A couple weeks ago in a WebmasterWorld thread many advertisers complained about getting killed by another quality score update.

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Confusing Search Engine Bots?

There are two primary factors to getting a page ranked – discovery and relevancy. By and large, search engines are clever creatures, but the very best webmasters will always send out the right signals to gently guide the search engines, and in return receive great rankings for their content.

Search engines discover content using their bots (or ‘crawlers’), and determine relevancy (and by extension ranking) using advanced algorithms.

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Is Search Going Social?

Finding true relevance in search results is becoming the new focus of users who are looking to the web for their information needs. For years, the algorithm has been the standard method that search engines have employed to determine relevance and deliver comprehensive results. Social search, however, could represent a change in search philosophy.

Even though Google prides itself with impressive algorithms and the latest in anti-spam technology, are search engines like Google truly succeeding at delivering results that are relevant to search terms?

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Bold and Italics in Search Engine Relevancy

Dear Kalena…

A quick question – How much added value is there to placing keyword text within bold, strong, italics, or emphasis tags in terms of the weight given to those terms by search engines?


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear Adam

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The IM Gap & Contextual Relevancy

As a 28 year-old writing professional, instant messaging is a foregone conclusion to the scope of my work. Every moment of my working day is spent logged in to the IM client that we employ to communicate with each other here in the office, as well as to get quick quotes and information from sources.

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Top Ranking in Google But Nothing in Yahoo!

SEO Question: I rank #3 in Google for one of my core keywords and yet I am nowhere in it for Yahoo!. Why?

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Relevancy Rules in Sponsored Search Ads

Let me quote some rather startling numbers to you from a recent eye tracking study we did. In the study, we looked at where people first looked on a search results page, where they first scanned a listing, and where they eventually clicked.

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It’s All Relevant

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this examination of the Yahoo! trademark policy.

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Google’s Jagger Update – Dust Begins to Settle?

What happened? Webmaster’s, site owners, online businesses and SEO companies everywhere have been desperately trying to decipher the fallout from the longest and most grueling algorithm update in the history of the Internet.

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Size Less Important Than User Utility

Last week saw the resumption of the search engine size wars in which one major search engine claims to be larger than its rivals, prompting those rivals to rapidly upsize themselves. Yahoo fired the first round at Google, claiming to have over 20 billion objects accessible in their database. Google, which can only claim about 13 billion objects fired back with questions about measurements, basically stating Yahoo was mistaken or misleading in its claims.

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Of Course Size Matters!

I’ve been trying to stay out of the size debate for the last few days while I digest what others have been saying. Now that I’ve done that, I get to react to a few of the things I’ve been reading.

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Relevancy – the New Black for Online Marketing?

Information Overload

With information overload rapidly killing traditional forms of online advertising – today the key to effective marketing is relevancy.

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Google Increases Costs For Ads With Lesser Relevancy

In a move Google hopes will increase the quality of their ads, the search engine has announced they will be introducing a quality-based minimum bid standard.

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What Caught My Eye in RSS

As I slowly make my way through the 10,000+ unread RSS feeds that have accumulated in my Bloglines account over the past month a number os posts have caught my attention which I thought I’d highlight here. Some of them have been mentioned by my guest bloggers but there’s no harm in doubling up…

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Some Folks Like Spyware… Really!

You’ll have trouble winning an argument with Eric Goldman, because like any good lawyer, he seizes on logical inconsistencies and factual shortcomings in arguments, and uses them to get spurious charges thrown out of court.

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RustySearch Relevancy Test Continues

Which search engine returns the most relevant results? This is a discussion that’s been going since the search industry began its popularity climb.

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What Constitutes Search Engine Relevancy?

Relevancy. It’s something that drives the search engine industry in almost every aspect. From providing quality search results to contextual advertising, relevancy is crucial to any search engine’s success. The question is how do you define relevancy? More importantly, how do search engines define relevancy?

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Does SEO Hurt Result Relevancy?

While perusing the search engine forums, I came across an interesting thread about being disillusioned with SEO, particularly in the area of SERP relevancy. The concern is that sites with poor content are using optimizing “tricks” to receive top search engine rankings, which damage the relevancy of search engine results.

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Does Googles Improved AdWord Relevancy Affect You?

The other day, Google announced an algorithm update for its AdWords targeting. The update was designed to ensure that searchers would receive the most relevant, targeted ads according to the keywords in their queries.

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Google Improves Ad Relevancy For AdWords Service

Search engine Google sent customers an email yesterday that outlined changes to their ad relevancy algorithms. These changes are being made in order to improve the targeting of ads and members’ ROI.

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