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Toilet Of The Future Brings A Flush Of Excitement

Despite assuming “The Thinker” position at least a couple times a day, the average person probably rarely ponders that our toilets signal how far we’ve come as a species. Our nearest relations in the animal world fling their feces at each other. Meanwhile, we are meticulously planning for the toilets of tomorrow. There are a few notable designs that have …

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Toilet Of The Future Has Been Selected By Bill Gates (Here’s What It Looks Like)

What will the toilet of the future look like? How will it work? These are questions the Bill & Linda Gates foundation sought the answers to with its “Reinventing the Toilet” initiative. Now, the Foundation has selected a winner for its “Toilet Fair,” a competition designed to encourage breakthroughs in the toilet and sanitation space. First, a little background. “Poop. …

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