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A Few Days Left For Free NYT

The honeymoon’s over, the free lunch is now an empty plate, and the online version of the New York Times will cost you $49.95 as of Monday.

Power House Linked to Power Houses

Search engine marketing gurus Eric Ward and Debra Mastaler put together a two-day link building seminar for October in Charlotte. Their PowerHouse Seminar is designed to help folks get the most out of link building and in the process take websites up to another level.

Domain Name Registration – Key Tips

Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise.

Blog Business Summit August 17 – 19 San Francisco, CA

The annual Blog Business Summit is scheduled for August 17 – 19 2005 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Domain Name Registration and Privacy

The internet is a wonderful thing, except for a few small details. When you register your first domain name, you get your introduction to one of them. There’s a lot of information they want. Your name, your email address, your physical address, your phone number.

China Web Site Registration Deadline Today

Efforts to help grow electronic commerce by the government tempered by fear of subversive elements online.

goWholesale Launches Blog Search Engine, Services

Because of a number of search engine relevancy discussions, vertical search engines have been a topic of conversations. Vertical search engines are niche-based engines, normally focusing on one industry.

Morningstar Files Amendment to Registration Statement

Morningstar has filed with the SEC, an amendment to its registration statement relating to the IPO of its common stock.

Google Targets Internet Domain Registration

Matt Hicks takes a closer look at why Google has signed contracts with ICANN, to become a domain name registrar.

ISO 9001 Registration 8 Steps for Success

You’ve made the plans, built the quality system and conducted the audit. So how do you register your company as ISO 9001 conformant? And how can you be sure you’re getting the most value for your investment? Here’s how the process works.

Bloggers Warned They Can Be Sued for Libel
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In an editorial published Sunday the editors of the Dallas Morning News, while praising bloggers, warned them – particularly younger ones …

Google IPO Registration To Close August 12, 2004

Yesterday Google announced the closing of bidder registration to end at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday, August 12, 2004. The auction for shares of Google’s Class A common stock will commence soon thereafter. You must have a bidder ID if you intend to submit a bid in the auction for Google’s Class A common stock.

Google Sets Registration Deadline

Search engine giant, Google Inc., announced today that they would be closing bidder registration for its Dutch auction-style IPO in two days.

IPO Registration Site Launched By Google

Google, the search engine giant, launched a site on Friday where investors can register to bid for the company’s shares.

Buyer Beware: Web Hosting, Registration, and Site Building “All in One” Package Nightmares

Starting out in any type of online marketing or Internet business can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different aspects of a start-up: domain name registration and purchase, Web site host purchasing, and of course, the “building” of the Web site itself. This leaves many consumers looking for an easier way to purchase everything in one place, both to save money and to save time.

Ask Jeeves Files Universal Shelf Registration Statement With SEC

In an effort to offer investors up to $400 million of its common stock, preferred stock, depositary shares, debt securities and warrants, Ask Jeeves has filed a Form S-3 with the SEC. Once the SEC declares the filing effective, Ask Jeeves will be allowed to offer the requested amount of stock.

How to Choose Your Reputable Domain Registration Service

Years ago we registered our first domain name with the only show in town — InterNIC. They were expensive and not consumer-friendly — can you spell “monopoly?” Then we registered two more domain names with them. Expensive…but OK…if that was all we wanted to do. They would charge us to sell one of our domain names…monopolies can do this!

Select a Domain Name with Search Engines in Mind

To get your Web site on the Internet, you need a domain name and a hosting company. Follow these tips when selecting a domain name.

DBAs, TMs & .Coms

“… I’d like to register my business name with the proper town authorities as a sole proprietorship. To protect myself and my business name from being copied and altered, do I have to register any and all variations of the name? And is this done separately or is it done under the one application? … Is this what I need to do in order to stop anyone from using a variation of my business name? And can my business name be trademarked along with its variations?”

Why Pay Good Money For Copyright Registration When I’m Already Covered?

Just for the record, let’s determine what Copyright actually protects. Simply put Copyright protects “expression”. According to the Copyright Act of the United States, items of expression can include literary, dramatic and musical works; pantomimes and choreography; pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; audio- visual works; sound recordings; and architectural works. Items that are not protected are ideas, titles, names, facts and short phrases.

Cost Per Click Campaign vs. Search Engine Registration

If you are like most small companies and don’t have a large budget to initiate a complete search engine optimization campaign, what is the best approach to marketing yourself online? Should you invest your entire budget into a cost per click campaign or focus on optimizing your HTML tags to target spider-based search engines like Google? .Or should you use a combination of both approaches?