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Apple Pays $32.5 Mil. To Parents Who Didn’t Consent

Unintentional (or intentional) digital purchases have been a rising epidemic for parents who’ve allowed their offspring free reign over their iTunes login and credit card. Last Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that Apple Inc. will refund at least $32.5 million to U.S. consumers after ongoing complaints were made about charges concerning children purchasing mobile apps without their parents’ …

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Apple Refund: Company To Refund Over $30 Mil. In App Case

As of late, this writer has seen a trend among the toddlers and young children she finds herself around; most of them are better at handling an iPhone or iPad than many adults. This is certainly not undue, at least partially, to the corresponding trend of parents loaning their tech goodies to their children so as to keep them entertained …

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Capital One: Credit Card Company Must Refund $150 Million

Capital One must repay its credit card customers $150 million after federal regulators determined the company was using deceptive business practices to trick its clients into signing up for services they didn’t want or need. Although Capital One neither admitted nor denied liability in the settlement — they claim third party vendors were to blame for the problems — they …

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