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Marvel And Reebok Do A Team Up On Some Shoes

So sometimes even china gets a scoop. This time they were the first ones to find out about some new shoes being designed by a team to feature some of Marvel’s favorite super heroes and anti-heroes. The website was actually …

Reebok Gets Marvel Superhero Inspired Line of Shoes
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Reebok is coming out with a whole line of retro models outfitted for all you superhero fans out there. Collaborating with Marvel comics, they have come up with shoes for some of the company’s most iconic figures. The collection features …

Nike Vs. Reebok: Lawsuit Filed Over Tebow Jerseys

Nike and Reebok have been rivals in the sportswear business for about as long as there has been a sportswear business. Usually the competition is fairly friendly, but it has, at times, gotten a bit nasty. Such is the case …

Customized Ordering Gets Customized Patent Suits

Hyundai, Reebok, Puma, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Michelin are all being sued by the same company for patent infringement. The patent involves technology that allows customers to customize products on the companies’ websites. But it’s not just the scale of the suit that will get attention, but also the timing, and who’s bringing it.

Google Video Charging Admission For TV Ads

To heap on one more thing to screw with your head this Friday, Google is selling vintage commercials through its Google Video search. You heard right, if you want to view the commercial, you’ll have to pay a dollar. Anybody else hear Gabriel’s trumpet?