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Mike Ditka on Redskins Name Controversy: ‘It’s So Much Horses**t It’s Incredible’

ESPN NFL analyst Mike Ditka has chimed in on the Washington Redskins name controversy. The legendary coach’s viewpoint isn’t exactly PC, and he could care less. In an interview with Mike Richman of the Redskins Historian website, he made it very clear that he believes the name should, under no circumstances, ever be changed. No matter who it might offend. …

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Redskins Name Is Racist; NFL Should Follow NBA’s Lead Says Sen. Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called on the National Football League to change the name of the Washington Redskins as a response to long-standing charges that the name is racially offensive. This move is linked to the example set by the National Basketball Association in penalizing the team owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Reid, a Democrat, stated …

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Redskins Name: Most People Still Support The Controversial Name And Want It To Stay

Despite the controversy that has surrounded the name of the Washington Redskins throughout the history of the franchise, it has been stated the most people would support keeping the name the way that it is. The name has received plenty of criticism over the years, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to insist that the name honors Native Americans, and …

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