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Google Grabs 1 Billion Searches In India
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Google sites received the majority of searches conducted in India according to a study of the online search market from comScore.

Google sites in India had more than 1 billion searches conducted in June, representing 81 percent of the market. Yahoo sites ranked a distant second with 117 million searches accounting for 9.4 percent. Ask Network landed in the third spot with 24 million searches representing 1.9 percent of the market.

Google, Yahoo Interest In Rediff Dismissed

A rumor reported at the Hindustan Times about India’s Rediff portal being a takeover target appears to be more of a leap of faith than a hot tip.

iShare Could Challenge Orkut, YouTube

Google’s Orkut is extremely popular in some countries, while YouTube has been successful just about everywhere.  And now iShare, a service from Rediff, intends to compete with both services, which begs the question of whether both – or neither – of them should be concerned in any market.