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Google Redesigning Search page

In an attempt to improve functionality as well as push other Google services, the search giant has been redesigning its search home page. the panel of links immediately above the search box has been moved to the top left and many non-search services are added under the ‘more’ link.

The Google Images Redesign

Google has done a terribly unpopular thing, redesigning Google Images so that it presents no new information, no new features, just increases the white space. It could be one of the worst redesigns I’ve ever seen.

Redesigning: How Often Is Too Often?

You’ve all seen it on some websites. They completely overhaul the look of the website every other month. Or at least it seems that way.

Google Redesign

Andy Rutledge does a superb job redesigning the Google.com homepage, managing to keep what works in the clean white-space interface, while bringing true structure to the page and giving it a more modern sheen.

6 Major Considerations in Re-Designing Your Web Site

Designing a website is a very big step towards running an online business. To have a good website for a successful online business, you have to follow lots of rules and recommendations that are directed by professional eBusiness leaders.