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Reddit to Donate 10% of Ad Revenue to Charity

Although the massively popular beast that is the reddit machine is still struggling to turn a profit, that has in no way dampened its giving spirit. The company has just announced that it is going to donate 10% of this year’s advertising revenue to charity–charities that the reddit community votes upon. When 2014 comes to a close and reddit tallies …

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Reddit Will Livestream RedditGifts Shopping Network On Black Friday

Reddit announced that it will be hosting an eight-hour livestream on and its YouTube channel for Black Friday to embrace the “commercial chaos” and “perversion” of the retail holiday head on. After listing several years worth of Black Friday fatalities and injuries, reddit’s erik [hueypriest] says in a blog post: Black Friday is absurd. The day after thanksgiving has …

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How’s That for Karma: Reddit Earns Guinness Record for Largest Online Secret Santa Game

The crown jewel of reddit’s international anonymous gift exchange program redditgifts, the secret santa contest, has just been awarded a Guinness World Record. Reddit first announced their intentions of going for a World Record back in November of 2011. Their secret santa contest from 2010 had over 17,0000 participants from 90 different countries, a record in its own right. But …

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