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Reddit Responds to Domain Ban Backlash

Yesterday it was reported that some publications began criticizing Reddit, the democratized social sharing forum, for banning certain domains from being posted to its website. The banned domains included respected publications such as The Atlantic and The reason for the domain bans was not made explicit, but it was stated that the banned domains were caught by Reddit moderators …

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Reddit Bans “High-Quality” Domains That Game its Website

Reddit is one of the most popular content, link, and news sharing sites on the internet. Members of the site “upvote” or “downvote” posts, allowing the best content to rise to the top and be seen prominently. That’s the way it is supposed to work, anyway. Sometimes, though, other websites cheat to make sure their content is featured highly on …

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Reddit Is Fun App Banned From Google Play

When it comes to apps in either the Android Market Google Play store or Apple’s Appstore, developers have always walked a fine line when it comes to products that contain sexual content. Apps that contain porn or other explicit materials have been routinely banned from Apple’s Appstore and (to a lesser degree) the Android Market. Now, an app that many …

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