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NSA Recruiting Fiasco at U. Wisconsin

Last Tuesday, the NSA conducted a recruitment drive on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Madiha Tahir, a journalist taking a language course at the university, stopped by to ask some uncomfortable questions. (Note: Tahir has posted a recording of the exchange, as well as a transcript, on her blog, The Mob and the Multitude.) “Do you consider Germany …

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TalentBin CEO Reveals How The Service Scours The Web For Perfect Job Candidates

TalentBin, a new service to help recruiters find suitable job candidates, is launching today and it hopes to turn the entire web into a talent-sourcing database. TalentBin is founded on the principle that, instead of putting out a notice and having candidates come to them, or sifting through social media profiles, recruiters and hiring managers should be able to search …

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Facebook Is A Powerful Recruitment Tool

You probably use Facebook to share photos and witty anecdotes on a daily basis. Did you know that Facebook is quickly becoming the largest employee recruitment Web site as well? This infographic from HireRabbit details everything a company needs to do to build their brand in social networking to attract fresh talent. It also gives us some great statistics into …

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