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Dan Aykroyd On a New Mission from God; Launches New Label

He’s on a mission from God. Dan Aykroyd is not sitting still. Recently we talked about how Dan Aykroyd is involved with Ivan Reitman in the setup of Ghost Corps, the Sony Pictures division that will oversee a whole new franchise launch of Ghostbusters movies, including as many as four films already on the drawing board, television expansion, and merchandising. …

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Record Label Decca Searches For Singer With World’s Lowest Voice

Women love a man with a deep voice; women love a man that can sing. So, whomever possesses the ability to sing the world’s lowest note should be a total chick magnet, right? Record label Decca has begun their search for the person that can sing the world’s lowest bass notes. The search will stretch across the globe spanning from …

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