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Google Affiliate Network Gets New Recommendation Engine

Google announced that it has released a new recommendation engine for the Google Affiliate Network. Publishers can go to the Advertisers > Recommended advertisers sub-tab to find a list of available programs ranked based on relevancy and predicted performance. Recommendations show why they were made and estimates of earnings potential. Advertiser recommendations are displayed based on whether they are in …

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StumbleUpon: We Wanted To Go In This Direction All Along

Today, StumbleUpon unveiled a new feature that they call the “Explore Box.” Still technically in beta testing, the new feature allows users to search for specific topics to stumble, for example, Lady Gaga, William Faulkner, or Tequila. Until now, StumbleUpon allowed users to explore certain areas that most of the time remained relatively broad. Aside from the few specific “interest” …

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Google Brings New Level of Relevancy to Local

Google has combined local search with personalized search, and social search to make a potentially powerful new kind of Google result that should benefit both users and businesses. These results come from a new Google product called "Hotpot", a recommendation engine designed for integration with Google Places. 

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