Recommendation Articles

Google Reader Taps Power Of Blogsearch

New features from Google Reader include a process that recommends blogs potentially of interest to the user, based on subscribed feeds and one’s Web History.

Window of Opportunity Closing for Paid Posts
I’ve tested out the ReviewMe service previously, but after they opened their campaign marketplace I’ve been tempted to try them again and run a few campaigns – especially after Shoemoney’s recommendation and decent quality of some of the paid for reviews.

Google Board Votes Down Proposal Against Censorship
Recently, a number of groups that own shares in Google put forth a shareholder proposal that would require Google to resist government censorship efforts, and to notify users when consorship had occured despite Google’s best efforts. Wenesday, Google’s board of directors issued a recommendation that the proposal be voted down, ensuring the proposal will never have a chance, since the big three of Page, Brin and Schmidt hold 66.2% of all voting power.

Google Adds Recommendation Widget

Google has added a new homepage widget that shows you “Interesting Items” personalized for you based on your search history. The module displays recommended searches, web pages and homepage gadgets Google thinks you’d be interested in.

Sorry, Microsoft; ODF Lives On In Mass.

Surprise, surprise. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney appointed a successor to the departed CIO of the state’s Information Technology Division, Peter Quinn, and stood behind the current plan to implement OpenDocument Format support by January 2007.

S&P Initiate STARS Coverage on Shares of Google with “Hold” Recommendation

Standard & Poor’s Internet software and services equity analyst has initiated STARS coverage on the shares of Google with a “Hold” recommendation at $106.46 per share.

Recommendation Letters Demystified

There is a lot of confusion about recommendation letters.

Recommendation letters are often referred to in a number of different ways including: letters of recommendation, reference letters, letters of reference, commendation letters, and sometimes even, performance evaluation letters.