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‘Man of Steel’ Greeted With Lukewarm Reviews

Zack Snyder’s more mature, grittier Superman reboot is finally here. Man of Steel, patterned after the success of Christopher Nolan’s more mature, grittier Batman reboot, features Henry Cavill as Kal-El, the super-powered Kryptonian who eventually becomes the most famous super hero ever created. Though early movie-goers seem to have enjoyed Superman’s return, critics have weighed in with middling reviews, putting …

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Superfrog Remake Coming to Sony Consoles

Tem17, the developer behind the popular Worms series, today announced that it will be rebooting the Superfrog franchise. A new title called Superfrog HD will be released sometime in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles. The game will feature updated graphics, but no other details have been announced. The original Superfrog was released for the Amiga in …

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SEGA May Be Planning Sonic Reboot For 2014 [Rumor]

Sonic the Hedgehog games follow a certain pattern, regardless of being in 2D or 3D. They all feature Sonic and pals entering zones, reaching the end and collecting rings along the way. It’s a tried and true formula that has served the franchise well since Sonic’s introduction on the Genesis in 1991. It seems that formula is no longer good …

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