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Jobs Gives In…A Little

Even though Apple CEO originally told the iPhone faithful – the ones that stood in line even though they didn’t need to – tough titty about this week’s $200 price drop just two months after launch, it looks like he’s throwing them a bone, er, a coupon.

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PayPal, eBay Crushing Google’s Options

In terms of traffic growth and market share, it’s just no contest. So many more people hit eBay’s options that Google’s Checkout and Base may as well be invisible.

When Microsoft is beating Google at something, it can’t be a good thing. As Hitwise analyst LeeAnn Prescott noted in her look at how Google Base and Checkout have fared since last summer against eBay and PayPal, Windows Live Expo has a larger market share than Google Base.

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Amazon API Helps Open Rebate Site keeps track of price changes for items purchased by users; a price drop within 30 days of purchase entitles the buyer to apply for a rebate.

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