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iPod Owners Receiving Notice Of Class Action Lawsuit iPod Owners Receiving Notice Of Class Action Lawsuit
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iPod owners have begun receiving notices in the past few days that they may be eligible for inclusion in a class-action lawsuit against Apple concerning steps the company took to steps to prevent music purchased from the RealPlayer Music Store …

RealNetworks Plays The Role Of Internet Bully RealNetworks Plays The Role Of Internet Bully
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While researching this topic, something occurred to me: who uses RealPlayer anymore to begin with? And so, after a quick jaunt over to RealNetworks Twitter page, I noticed they only have about 3700 followers. By comparison, Winamp, a RealPlayer competitor …

Blinkx To Power RealPlayer’s Search

RealPlayer was resurrected last month, and in the process, the media player’s parent company rubbed elbows with Google.  Now word has come that Real also worked something out with Blinkx, and in what the two corporations have termed a “global partnership,” Blinkx “will power video search for the new RealPlayer.”

YouTube Adding H.264 Format
While the jury is still out on whether anyone actually needs an Apple TV, the iTunes streaming device is getting a new feature: YouTube. Sometime in the middle of this month, a software update to the device will add wireless YouTube streaming.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Firefox Success Stirs the Microsoft Haters

Any news that goes against Microsoft seems to enliven the anti – Microsoft crowd. This weeks news that FireFox is gaining ground on IE was no different.

RealPlayer 10 To Include Google Toolbar

RealNetworks announced today, 04-20-04, that version 10 of the company’s downloadable RealPlayer will have Google’s Toolbar bundled in with the player.