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New Details on Google Caffeine Update
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Update 2:  Matt Cutts gave WebProNews another exclusive interview, in which he gave some more details about Caffeine (among other things. It’s only hitting one data center before the holidays, and it isn’t even live quite yet. Google will roll it out to more data centers in January.



Yahoo Showing Tweets for News Results
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Yahoo Search is now including a new Twitter feature in search results for select topics that are in the news. For example, if you search for "health care reform," or "obama," you will get a section for news results, which contains tabs for news, photos, videos, and Twitter.

The results look something like this:

Some Bing Users Seeing Latest Posts on Publisher Searches

Bing appears to be either testing or rolling out a new feature for news sites in its search results. The feature brings up a few of the most recent posts from a news source, when that source itself is the query.

I say this is either a test or a gradual roll out, because it is not happening in my own searches. TechCrunch has a piece about the feature (and a screenshot), which shows it, so evidently some people have it.

Yahoo Real-Time Search Test May Be Days Away

A little more information regarding Yahoo’s take on real-time search has emerged, and the details – scarce as they are – sound encouraging.  Another key point is that public testing of the real-time search feature may be just a few days away.

As we’ve said before, real-time search will be a tricky thing for Yahoo.  Google and Facebook have already made their first efforts in this field, and their partner – Twitter – has a rather higher profile than Yahoo’s pal, OneRiot.

Yahoo May Pursue Real-Time Search With OneRiot
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Bing and Google may have gotten a head start, but Yahoo isn’t ignoring the whole real-time search arena, according to a new report.  In fact (or at least in rumor, if you will), Yahoo may be working on a product with OneRiot right now.

Microsoft and Google Score Deals with Twitter
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Update: Bing has now made the announcments and Google has announced a deal with Twitter too. Google’s Marissa Mayer writes:

2nd Largest Search Engine Gets Real-Time Search
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Update: YouTube has officially announced the feature:

Google, Microsoft May License Twitter Data

Real-time search – along with Twitter’s bank account – may be about to receive a couple of big boosts.  A new report indicates that both Google and Microsoft are interested in obtaining access to all of the info Twitter can serve up. 

Google’s Search Options Increase
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Earlier this year, Google launched its search options feature. This is a clickable link on search results pages, which provides a list of options to let you refine your search by a number of different parameters.

TypePad Gets Real-Time Blog Updates
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Today Six Apart, the makers of TypePad, released a new TypePad PubSubHubub hub, which automatically promotes blog updates in real time. It’s a free feature for bloggers who use TypePad, and it automatically updates Google Reader, FriendFeed, SuperFeedr, and LiveDoor.

You Can Almost Get Real-Time Results with Google
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Whether you think to use them or not, you probably remember that Google launched its "search options" a while back. Within these options is an option to search by timeframe.

Does Google need real-time search? Tell us what you think.

You can choose results from any time, recent results, the past 24 hours, the past week, the past year, or a specific date range.

Real-Time Search API Mania

Real-time search engine Collecta announced the release of its API today, meaning developers will be able to use it to pull real-time search results directly into their applications.

Real-Time Search Engine Attracts $7 Million Funding
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OneRiot, one of the real-time search engines whose name we keep hearing again and again has secured $7 million in Series C funding from Appian Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and Spark Capital, the company’s existing venture capital firms.

"This commitment from our existing investors is a big vote of confidence in the realtime search market, OneRiot’s product offering, and our team’s ability to execute," said Kimbal Musk, OneRiot’s CEO.

Today’s Content Relevant to Tomorrow’s Real-Time Searches
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We all know that social media is "where it’s at" these days. People are spending more and more of their time on social networking sites. Many are checking their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts before even checking their email (or even getting out of bed in some cases).

Social is Only Going to Become More Important to Search
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Are you ready for the future of search marketing? It’s going to creep up on you if you are not. In fact, it’s already creeping. How long have you spent worrying about keywords? Is that all you worry about? Hopefully not, because there’s a lot more to successful online marketing than that, even search marketing.

Facebook Just Became More Important to Search
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Facebook has begun rolling out a new version of its search feature, which it began testing with a select few last month. Of course, this would be real-time search, in the company’s latest effort to move into Twitter territory.

Why It’s Not Wise for Your Business to Overlook FriendFeed
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Update: Facebook is now acquiring FriendFeed. Now you’re really not going to want to overlook it.

FriendFeed Gets a Lot of Traffic from Twitter
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There is a lot of discussion going on about Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, and real-time search. This is to be expected since yesterday it was announced that Facebook is acquiring FriendFeed.

Where’s Bing’s Real-Time Search?
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Google is working on an update called Caffeine, which will increase the speed at which it indexes content. This could be a step toward Google’s incarnation of real-time search. Facebook has just started rolling out its own real-time search feature, much like Twitter’s, which has been around for some time.

Successful Social Media Implementation Comes with Motivations

It’s interesting to look at how the web has evolved and continues to do so. Social media (at least in its current incarnation) is still relatively young, yet we have seen a lot of evolution just within this aspect of the web itself. This is highlighted today especially, as we see competition in the real-time search arena really stat to heat up.

Facebook Acquires FriendFeed
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Facebook just announced that it is acquiring FriendFeed. All FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will keep their senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.