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Real Life Barbie Thinks She Can Live Without Food

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model who calls herself a “real-life Barbie doll.” Valeria has become a web sensation since changing her appearance to look just like a Barbie doll. Her resemblance to a doll is so amazing that she almost looks like she is made of plastic. Valeria has undergone many plastic surgeries to have her body shape changed …

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Human Barbie On A Diet Of Air And Light?

There is a woman who is known as a living doll who isn’t content to simply stick with being a walking and talking version of Barbie. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, and this Ukrainian woman claims that she’s…special. The 24-year-old (in Earth years and only in her current incarnation…) claims that she has reached the stage of existence where she …

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Valeria Lukyanova, “Real Life Barbie”, Is An E.T.

Valeria Lukyanova is known as “Odessa Barbie” and is an internet sensation all over the world after photos and videos of her went viral. The 21-year old model has Barbie-like proportions–including a tiny waist and perfect facial features–and has several YouTube videos dedicated to her makeup routine, which includes tricks to make her eyes look enormous and doll-like. Now, a …

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