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Normal Barbie: Are You Buying One This Christmas?

It’s time to start shopping for Christmas and many little girls will be asking for Barbie dolls this year. While Barbie has changed a lot over the years, a recent doll called Normal Barbie may bring the biggest changes yet. The Normal Barbie, whose name is Lammily, is supposed to be modeled after the average 19-year-old woman. She is curvier …

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Valeria Lukyanova: Why She Doesn’t Want Kids

Valeria Lukyanova, otherwise known as the ‘Living Barbie,” has undergone many expensive and extensive surgeries in order to change her appearance and make herself look more like a Barbie doll. Her appearance is as interesting as it is bizarre and her personality matches her outlandish looks. Valeria has been known to make some strange comments and remarks over the last …

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