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Benefits of Reciprocal Favoriting

Blogging experts and social media marketing experts frequently write about how important it is to build up a network of friends on social bookmarking sites, and even encourage careful gaming of the system by email and instant messenger.

That is gaming the system purely for their own benefit.

They might also frequently suggest you Digg their content, or add them to your bookmarks, or we could also add to that list "Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites", or "Subscribe to my feed".

Writing For Online Readers Goes Against The Book

It pains me to suggest this, but we must ignore (one of) the teachings of Strunk and White.  We must turn our backs on a number of other writing guides.  And we must break our own habit of writing out numbers as words.

Instead, we should represent numbers with numerals – a recent eye-tracking study suggests that they’re much more likely to capture online readers’ interest.

29 Fortune 100 Companies Have Negative Google Results
I thought we’d find some gems by keeping an eye on the blogs of our readers, and 97th Floor proves us right.

Eye Tracking Your Attention Span

The attention span of Internet users has been the subject of many studies, most coming to the conclusion that, on average, people only spend a few seconds on any given site. An eye tracking study from Poynter Online, however, reveals that users who go online searching for news actually spend longer amounts of time in consuming content than their offline counterparts.

Mobile Networks Should Embrace Social Networks

Day one of reading the many feeds submitted by our readers, and I’m already sharing a lot of cool stuff over at my link blog.

Worthy of further consideration is Andrew Girdwood’s suggestion that mobile phone networks should look to embrace social networks as a way to grow their user-base. One of his ideas…

Capturing Skim Readers

I’m busy, you’re busy.

So are the folks that are reading your words.

Whether you write white papers, articles or blog entries, it is important to meet the needs of the skimmer.

How Readers Find a Blog

When it comes to finding blogs 67.3 percent of readers rely on links from other blogs, according to a new report from Vizu Answers and Ad Age. Aside from links on other blogs, recommendations account for 23 percent of blog finds. Search accounts for 19.6 percent of blog finds and blog search engines make up 5.6 percent of blog finds.

Google-hosted Blogs – Content Warning

When a Google Blogger blog is flagged by many users, and Google reviews it deciding it contains hate content, then Google may put up a “content warning” (this is not a new feature, it exists for some time).

Newspaper Software

The New York Times Reader, a piece of software you can download to read the NYT on your PC, came out in beta last fall and I immediately downloaded it for a few reasons — including the fact that I am a geek, a newspaper journalist and a big NYT fan. And I have to admit that it was (and is) pretty slick. Thanks to Microsoft’s presentation software, it replicates the look of a newspaper, but updates itself when connected to the Web, etc.

AP To Wire Libby Bloggers To Readers

As a pair of bloggers take their media seats in the highly visible Scooter Libby trial in a Washington federal courtroom, it has been learned that the Associated Press will carry the bloggers’ trial coverage.

What Communities Does Your Website Belong In?

Right now search relevancy algorithms are heavily tied to overall authority, but given enough time publishers and search marketers will undermine that measure of relevancy the same way that keyword density and raw PageRank died off.

Microsofties Hit By Horrible Weather

Seattle was hit bad by violent winds and power outages over the weekend, and Microsoft’s employees blogged their experiences (in many cases only after days of waiting for the power to return). Todd Bishop has a rundown.

Top Feed Readers

As you can see from the graph above, the number of RSS and RSS to email subscribers of Online Marketing Blog has grown substantially since we moved over to WordPress and updated the design.

Serious Problems with RSS – The Wire Effect

You don’t create communities in RSS readers. You can’t really engage with readers. You really can’t do anything except consume raw content.

Comparing Feed Readers

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post talking about how I used my FeedBurner stats to discover that Bloglines and NetVibes were the most popular feed readers used on my blog’s feed (Newsgator was very popular too). Recently, InformationWeek had a great post comparing 2 of those 3 (Bloglines and Newsgator) as well as Google Reader.

White Papers, Lead Generation – Key for BtoB Marketers

Complex sales cycles make the development of multi-modal marketing strategies critical.

Readers per URL among blogging services

Microsoft Live Spaces has something like 75 million spaces, and about 125 million unique visitors a month (at least those were the last numbers I saw shared).

Newspaper Readers Moving To The Web

Viewership figures compared to print circulation numbers by Nielsen//NetRatings for the Newspaper Association of America showed significant growth in the percentage of readers turning to the websites of papers rather than the dead-tree editions.

Facebook Etiquette For Bloggers?

I saw that Dave Winer had created a Facebook group for Scripting News readers, so I signed up for Facebook to join up.

Firefox To Upgrade XML/RSS Readers

Mozilla’s next incarnation of Firefox, version 2.0, currently in beta, is tentatively due for release on September 26. With that release, expect some nice upgrades to the browser’s RSS and XML reader capabilities, among other functions, that will keep it on par with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.

Blogs Way With Words Adds To Success Almost Immediately

There are many ways to make your blog a successful one. Blog writers put a lot of work in their writing and for the most part, want readers to visit.

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