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These Kids Have Some Logical Reactions to the Apple Watch

TheFineBros‘ YouTube series of kids reacting to stuff has a new entry – and this time they’re taking a look at the Apple Watch! Or the iWatch. Or that “small iPod nano.” While the kids can agree that it “looks cool” and is probably “from the future”, the device’s necessity is debatable. Also, you have to have an iPhone with …

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Watch Google Glass Confuse, Amaze Old People

“It’s like I’m in a different world all of the sudden! Technology just rolled over me like a big ol’ steamroller!” I’m not sure if the older subjects of this video will be running out to join the Google Glass Explorer program, but they sure are amazed by the fact that they have a computer strapped to their faces. YouTube’s …

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Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Gives the Best Vine Reaction to Red Wedding Shocker

WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS OH MY GOD THEY KILLED EVERYONE. That was my wife’s reaction to Sunday night’s brutal episode of Game of Thrones, titled “The Rains of Castamere.” In the episode, the famous Red Wedding scene from George R.R. Martin’s beloved novels played out in all its shocking glory. Even those involved in the show aren’t immune to the …

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Game of Thrones Red Wedding YouTube Reaction Compilation Shows You’re Not Alone in Your Misery

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD On Sunday night’s episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones, well, stuff happened. Things happened and they were devastating. They were beautiful. They were shocking and violent. After it was all over, I was nearly positive that I had witnessed one of the best moments in television history. I don’t smoke, but I needed a cigarette. …

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Warheads Pack a Punch for Both Young and Old

It’s always fun to watch a completely unsuspecting person, young or old, eat a super-sour piece of candy like a WarHead. That initial “oh my god what have I done” look morphs into a “I’ll ride this out” look, and we all laugh at the process. Sour candy reaction videos aren’t new to the YouTubes, but a couple of new …

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