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Pope Francis Gets Castro to Go to Church

Wouldn’t it be funny if the history of relations between the United States and Cuba were bookended in history by two Catholics? On the one end, there is the Cuban Missile Crisis standoff that featured President John F. Kennedy. On the other end, it could very well end up being the Numero Uno Catholic in the world: Pope Francis. Like …

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Fidel Castro Not Dead, Speaks Out Against Health Rumors

Fidel Castro recently turned 86, and rumors of his poor health, or even death, had begun to pop up in media across the world. The former Cuban leader used to publish a semi-regular opinion column for the Cuban state press, but stopped writing the pieces in June of this year. Today, Castro has finally spoken out regarding his health and …

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Fidel Castro Turns 86, Maintains Silence

Today marks the 86th birthday of Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary and decades-long leader of the Caribbean country. Castro has maintained silence and stayed out of view for two months now, prompting speculation about his health or possible death. A report by Reuters states that the last statement heard from Castro was his opinion column published in the Cuban state …

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