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Business Rules & the Rational Process

Periodically I get asked about bringing business rules into the Rational Unified Process or RUP. RUP and the Enterprise Unified Process are designed to apply UML and best practices in a formal way.

Rational Betas Have C++ Goodies

Features in the Rational Software Architect v7.0 beta include improved support for C++, and developers can try out the open beta by pre-registering for it with IBM.

Use Case Management with Rational Rose and Rational RequisitePro
  1. How do you organize your use cases?
  2. Can you tell in which release a particular use case is implemented?
  3. How do you know that the entire system functionality is tested?
  4. Which tests are affected by a change in a use case?

If the inability to answer these questions has caused you frustration, schedule setbacks, or the delivery of products that have missed the mark, read on.