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Google Adjusts Ratings System For Google+ Local Google Adjusts Ratings System For Google+ Local
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Google has been rolling out an update to its local ratings system. As you may recall, Google recently made some changes to the system on Google Maps for Android, so users can choose between Poor/Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. …

Google Tweaks Mobile Ratings, Adds Favorite Stars On Google+ Local Google Tweaks Mobile Ratings, Adds Favorite Stars On Google+ Local

Google announced a couple of updates to Google+ Local today. First, on Google Maps for Android, the ratings system has been adjusted so you can choose between Poor/Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. On the desktop, Google has brought back …

Facebook Is Serious About App Rating Integrity Facebook Is Serious About App Rating Integrity

When Facebook announced its new App Center last month (and again when they finally launched it earlier this week), they chose to focus on its reliance on user ratings in order to determine the visibility of apps. They clearly stated …

American Idol Sees Record Low Season Finale
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American Idol saw low numbers all around for this season, but it was capped off by a record low for the finale. Overall the show was down 30% from last season; last nights numbers posted 32% below that of last …

CNN Rating: Network’s Viewership Continues to Decline
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CNN ratings are currently at a 10-year low, which, to me, is kind of surprising. Then again, I haven’t watched the channel in ages, so perhaps things have taken a turn for the worse as of late. The company was …

The Walking Dead Finale Sets Records The Walking Dead Finale Sets Records

Cable channel AMC brought in huge ratings with the second season finale of its popular zombie apocalypse drama. The episode brought in 9 million viewers which is a 51% increase from the season 1 finale and is a cable ratings …

Social Networking Drives TV Ratings Social Networking Drives TV Ratings

According to a TV Guide user study, social networking discussion about television shows drives tune-in, loyalty and live viewing ratings. Due to social network impressions, 17% of respondents polled said they became a fan of a particular show, and 31% …

Oklahoma Violent Game Tax Killed In Subcommittee
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We reported previously on a tax in Oklahoma that targeted video games with a “Teen,” “Mature,” or “Adults Only” rating. The bill in question would implement a one percent tax increase on those titles. The fate of said bill has …

Ryan Seacrest Owns The (NYE) Night Ryan Seacrest Owns The (NYE) Night

GetGlue is a service that lets you micromanage your activities with mind-numbing detail as you can “check in” to what shows your watching, what you’re reading, or even what song your listening to. It’s essentially a form of data collection …

Did Beyonce’s Recording Breaking Announcement Help With Ratings? Did Beyonce’s Recording Breaking Announcement Help With Ratings?

On Sunday, MTV hosted its annual Video Music Awards show, which is weird when you consider just how far removed MTV is from the music scene. Nevertheless, it’s something of a tradition, considering MTV has been doing the VMAs since …

Piers Morgan’s Twitter Impact Piers Morgan’s Twitter Impact
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When CNN replaced the aging Larry King with the younger, decidedly more British Piers Morgan, it seemed to be a gamble that payed off.  Piers was an early success, garnering nearly 2.1 million viewers for his debut episode.  By February, …

Zillow Adds Real Estate Agent Ratings
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Real estate website Zillow has introduced a new feature that allows home buyers and sellers to search for local real estate agents based on ratings and reviews.

When people use the Zillow Directory to search for a real estate agent in their area, results are sorted by local agents with the highest overall ratings and the largest number of reviews.

Google Video Grabs 31 Percent Of Market

YouTube continues to be Google’s good luck charm in video, when it comes to visitors and traffic to videos, anyway.

Google Allows Ratings, Comments On Maps
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Maybe car or restaurant reviews seem a little more useful, but no matter; Google is now allowing people to rate and comment on everything created with its My Maps software.

Google Maps Adds CleanScores Ratings

Google Maps now integrates ratings from CleanScores, a website which shows you which establishments have failed food inspections.

Michelin Guide Ratings Leaked Online
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The Michelin guide ratings for restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas were mistakenly posted on its Web site before Monday’s scheduled announcement.

“Hyperlocal” News Sites Take A Hit
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A lot of big companies – from Google to CNN – are interested in “going local,” and, to be honest, it seems that those companies have the money to do whatever they want.  But “going local” isn’t easy; Backfence.com, which focused on a number of smaller communities, is going out of business.

6 In 10: Choosing Your Battles

If you have been watching the Nielson Ratings lately, you know that even whenadvertising on one of the top three shows for market share: even Deal or No Deal, Dateline NBC, or America’s Got Talent (the top three) only reach about 12,000,000 viewers each.

Google Maps Gains User-Generated Ratings

Google Maps can now not only tell you how to reach a business – it can say if you should go there at all.  Don’t worry, this isn’t the fruition of Google’s creepy “total information” plan; the tips are provided by user-generated ratings and reviews.

Lawyer Sues Lawyer For Online Rating System
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Filing lawsuits is as routine for lawyers as grabbing a Starbucks on the way to the office. And they’re kind of (to stereotype an entire profession) sensitive about things. So who could have predicted that a consumer website dedicated to rating lawyers would get sued?

Google May Employ Simply Hired
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This week has seen one eBusiness rumor after another come to light, and the latest nugget indicates that Google may be interested in buying Simply Hired.  If an acquisition occurs, this job search engine would fill in an obvious blank in Google’s arsenal.