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Uber Rides Are Now Cheaper in 48 Cities

Car service Uber has just cut rates in nearly 50 cities across the US. Uber’s not saying exactly what the rate cut will be, but it’s guaranteeing that it will reduce cost for riders while still maintaining wages for drivers. In fact, the company is making that point a key part of the initiative. In the past, Uber has implemented …

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Facebook Lowers Ad Cost With 32% Growth

Last week, we took a look at Facebook’s financials and wondered if the social networking giant is headed for financial ruin, despite—or even because of—118% worldwide growth, 32% US growth (monthly unique visitors). Many commentators argued that any company would be overjoyed with even 32% growth. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is the exact thinking that has brought Facebook to this point—and now Facebook’s ad rates have fallen 50%.

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