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Rapleaf Looks At Age, Gender Of Email Users
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It’s often interesting to learn about a product or service’s users – particularly when you are one.  Maybe you’ll find that your stylish small car is popular with old ladies, for example.  Or that your taste in TV shows mirrors that of eight-year-old boys.  Anyway, Rapleaf recently took a look at this concept as it applies to email.

Twitter’s Most Popular Users Breaking From The Pack
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Twitter’s most popular users are on a roll, according to new statistics from Rapleaf, accumulating followers at a very rapid pace.  The interesting thing is that less popular users, who should theoretically have less trouble doubling or tripling their audience’s size, aren’t keeping up.

Women Make More Friends On Social Networks
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When it comes to social networks, a new study shows that men are more likely than women to downplay the first part of the term.  Women, according to Rapleaf, tend to have deeper relationships and a greater number of friends.

Rapleaf Looks At OpenSocial Members, Facebook

Whether it’s from reading reports or scoping out the sites ourselves, most of us have a pretty good feel for various social networks – how big they are, who’s joined them, and so on.  New statistics from Rapleaf don’t really shake things up, but they do provide some interesting insights.

The Importance of Reputation in PR

I’ve been experimenting with RapLeaf, a new reputation system that launched over the weekend.