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Did The Entire Wu-Tang Clan Rap Group Have Sex With This Woman?

You learn a lot of things watching Divorce Court. In a recent episode where a woman was accused of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan, the world was introduced to the expression “buss down.” In one of the more bizarre but entertaining episodes, Nathan Sellers accused his then-girlfriend of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan, or as he so eloquently …

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Beastie Boys And GoldieBlox Settle Lawsuit Over Use Of ‘Girls’ Song

Rapcore band Beastie Boys has finally settled their battle with the Oakland-based toy company GoldieBlox. The news was reported in the Oakland Tribune, but other details regarding the amount of settlement was not disclosed. GoldieBlox is geared towards manufacturing construction and engineering toys for girls in order to break stereotypes. In one of their advertisements, Princess Machine, the company used …

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