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Keyword Placement in Title Tag Case Study

According to search ranking factors done by SEOmoz, your keyword in your title tag is the upmost importance, but the placement of that keyword in your title tag has been debated. Some believe that placing your branding first and then kewyords in your title tag causes little or no difference when optimizing a page in the SERPS. I am going to finally uncover this once and for all.

Google – Soft on Privacy?
There’s been quite a lot of news this week about Google and privacy so I thought I’d break out some of the links from tomorrow’s This Week In SEO post and devote tonight to a post about Google and privacy. I’ll toss in some of my own thoughts as a bonus.

Google & Feedburner – The Good & Bad

Rumours have been surfacing for the last few days that Google might be buying FeedBurner for around $100M.

New Google Ranking Factors Study
Via Axandra Search Engine Facts newsletter, German company SISTRIX (translated link) has conducted a study of 10,000 random keywords and then analyzed the top 100 Google search results for each keyword to determine which page elements offered the most influence on rankings.

Optimize for Local Search Traffic

Getting local search engine traffic is one of the things that small businesses aspire to. Some even don’t know they can increase the amount of local visitors by improving their website. So what can a local small business do to get the long-wanted local traffic?

What is local search?

Before we list things to do on your site to improve your local search engine traffic, we need to define what we want. This will help us to actually get what we want.

Technorati Adds Authority, Subtracts Alexa
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Blogs have a new number, Technorati Authority, attached to their profiles on Technorati, and that change was followed by the removal of Alexa traffic charts.

Google Ranks First In Branding Power

A study by research firm Millard Brown and the Financial Times of the world’s top 100 brands found Google ranked highest in dollar value for the brand.

Google Ranking News With General Search Results

Google is starting to integrate news results into standard web search results which will eventually mean the end of OneBox results. Under the OneBox scheme of search result display, news links were placed at the top of general search results in a neat cluster.

Domain Names – Choosing Them Alphabetically
There was an amusing aspect to the Google Search Engine Ranking Factors version 2 that SEOmoz put out this week.

Ranking Factors for Search Engines

SEOMoz just released version 2 of its Search Engine Ranking Factors article. The content in the article is based on a survey of a number of leading and well known SEOs.

Power 150 Marketing Blogs List Now International

In January, Todd And published the Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs, a ranked listing of marketing blogs in the US.

Google BlogSearch, Ranking Blog Documents Patent
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For a long time my blogs have performed amazingly well with Google Blog Search. I always appear in the relevant results quickly, and the results I obtain have some reasonable longevity, even when I am not the original source of a story.

Considering how much competition I often have for certain search terms which everyone seems to be writing about because of common interest, I must have been doing a number of things right.

Getting Your Blog Ranked Well by Google Blog Search

As a web analytics junkie I tend to notice trends and changes in my blog statistics. One recent trend I’ve noticed is that I get more search traffic from Google Blog Search than I used to get.

How Might Google Be Ranking Your Blog?
Bill Slawski found a new patent on ranking blog documents that should be of interest to anyone with a blog. As you would expect Bill has given his usual overview of the patent, explaining things and making simple for the rest of us.

Google Loves A Tasty Blogroll
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Judging by a patent application filed by Google for ranking blog search, one of the three things a blog should have is a blogroll, and being included in some high-quality ones will help too.

Spotplex – Social Networking With a Twist

The name is Spotplex, and the twist is “Trafficracy”.

At first sight, Spotplex looks like a clone of digg, with popular and latest content on the homepage. But the content is not rated by the users, but by the number of visits a page receives.

Can Coding Affect Your Search Ranking
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There are many strategies one can employ in order to improve a site’s search ranking. Everything from title tags to link buying has been suggested at one time or another when it comes to this elusive beast we like to call search engine optimization. The question remains, however, is there anything we’re missing as far as coding goes?

Perhaps Entrepreneurs Can Stay East After All

A little while I ago, I wrote an article on this blog titled

New Ranking Model Gives Yahoo A Boost
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Three weeks ago, Yahoo introduced its new ranking model to the search world. Armed with new ad grouping, geo-targeting, and quality score features, the platform already seems to be yielding very positive results for the company.

Google Ranking Flux Probably Just A Hiccup

Everybody stay calm. Go on with your usual SEO business. What looked like a President’s Day weekend Google algorithm update was most like a tiny ripple in cyberspace.

A handful of bloggers were asking "did you see that?" referring to a sudden, and brief, fluctuation in keyword positioning in the Google search results. SEObook’s Aaron Wall begins the discussion:

Yahoo Ranking Model Scoring In February

Project Panama receives its formal entrance to the commercial market on February 5th, providing a new ranking model for search marketing.

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