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Digital Music Chips Away At King Radio

A recent market study indicates that more people are turning off their radios and turning on their portable players and computers.

HP Execs Launch Blogs and Podcasts

Interex reports that Nora Denzel, HP’s senior vice president and general manager of HP’s Adaptive Enterprise and Software Global Business Unit …

Sirius to Offer Podcasts

On the heals of Infinity Broadcasting’s recent news, Sirius Satellite Radio will announce tomorrow that it’s getting into the podcasting mix by teaming up …

Podcasting Is Disruptive For Radio Advertising

Fast Company: Podcasting is the newest disruptive technology threatening traditional radio — and making the satellite guys nervous, too.

Infinity Creates First Podcasting Radio Station

Infinity Broadcasting has created the world’s first podcasting radio station called KYOURADIO.

Shel and Neville: Leading a Broadcasting Revolution

New Scientist: “Twice a week, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson co-host an internet radio talk show. No big deal. What is a big deal is that Holtz lives in California while Hobson lives in the Netherlands.

Martha Stewart Gets Her Own Radio Channel

SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia announced an exclusive four-year agreement to create and launch a Martha Stewart-branded satellite radio channel.

HP and Infinity Broadcasting Make Radio Visual In the U.S.

HP and Infinity Broadcasting announced they will work together to deploy Visual Radio to U.S. listeners.

Podcasting: ‘Significant growth by 2010′
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Now that Pew Internet’s data on how many people listen to podcasts has been roundly trashed as untrustworthy, would you trust any numbers from anyone else on projected growth in podcasting…

The Future of Radio Arrives

BBC News: DJs Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn are backing a new website offering radio shows for digital audio players.

AOL and XM Satellite Radio Cook Up New Service

XM Satellite Radio and America Online are teaming up to create a new online radio service.

AOL and XM To Create Online Radio Service

America Online and XM Satellite Radio announced that they will join forces to create a new online radio service.

Google’s fresh link filter discussion on SEO Radio
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Google’s alleged fresh link filter is on the minds of many website owners and search engine optimization professionals. If indeed, Google is filtering new links into web pages, and not providing full link popularity transfer, then SEO is a whole new ballgame.

BBC Radio Launches Tech Blog, Sort Of

The BBC moves in mysterious ways regarding blogs, it often seems to me. Earlier this week, one of the BBC’s UK domestic radio stations…

Is Podcasting For Real?

In less than an hour, Neville and I will record the next installment of For Immediate Release. One of the issues we’ll discuss is a post from Darren Barefoot’s blog titled, “Why I’m Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope.”

XM Satellite Radio Gets A Big Subscriber Boost

XM Satellite Radio added more than 540,000 new net subscribers during the first quarter of 2005 for a total of 3.77 million subscribers.

Which RSS Aggregator Is Best?
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Onfolio recently released its Onfolio 2.0 Release Candidate. For new news aggregator users, this is my second recommendation after Bloglines.

Turnkey Podcasting for Radio Stations
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New evidence that podcasting is gaining steam. First, CNN covered it. Next, Billboard Radio Monitor reports that Loyal Ears …

XM Satellite Radio Across Entire Hyundai Line

Hyundai Motor America will be the first automaker to launch XM Satellite Radio as standard, factory-installed equipment in every vehicle across its entire model line-up.

Mitsubishi SIRIUS About Satellite Radio

Mitsubishi Motors North America announced an exclusive agreement with SIRIUS Satellite Radio to offer satellite radio as a factory-installed option in various Mitsubishi models.

Marketplace: Podcasting Is the Next Big Thing

Marketplace Radio interviewed me (Steve Rubel) recently about podcasting and podvertising …