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Yahoo Launches Podcast Directory

Yahoo has launched a podcasting site, a place that’s not only a directory of podcasts but also a great resource of rich information on podcasting generally, and a one-stop-shop for your podcasts and music purchasing.

AMD, Radio Shack Selling Low-Cost PC
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AMD’s inexpensive computer was meant for developing countries, but will now be offered in the US as well.

A Bright Future for UK Podcasting

A tremendous success – that’s my judgment of PodcastCon UK which took place in London on Saturday.

PodcastCon UK Well Underway

The afternoon session at PodcastCon UK has just got underway, with a live recording of the Richard Vobes Radio Show.

AOL Broadcasts New Podcast Features

AOL has announced Podcasting 101 and placed a list of popular ones within its AOL Music site.

Web And Satellite Radio Delivers Professional Young Men

Who’s listening to web and satellite radio? According to BIGresearch, the vast majority of Web radio fans are young professional men with active spending habits.

More predictions of podcasting’s demise

First it was Frank Barnako from CBS Marketwatch. Then it was Anjali Athavaley from the Washington Post.

Motorola, Yahoo Deal Could Challenge Satellite Radio

The global number 2 handset maker will preinstall Yahoo services on its Linux and Java platform mobile phones.

Napster Turns it Up With XM Satellite Radio

Napster and XM Satellite Radio have joined forces under a strategic partnership to integrate Napster’s online music services and XM’s satellite radio service.

Online Poker Radio Goes Major League
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Major League Poker marries digital radio with the World Series of Poker to complement the online poker-playing experience.

Road trip report on my Sirius radio

My step mom is in town, so yesterday we drove for 10 hours through Northern Washington (went across the Cascades). Stunning scenery.

CDs, FM Radio Still Tops With US Listeners

Adoption of more advanced products like digital media players and satellite radio has grown slowly.

Best Music Still Free!

A new study just released from IDC says that while things like satellite radio and music downloads are growing in usage, old-fashioned formats like FM radio and CDs still rule the roost.

xMax Delivers Wireless Broadband Over Radio Waves

A Florida-based company claims its technology can bring broadband to broader areas than other wireless options.

Podcasts Market Books

Podcasts can help authors promote and sell books. I have already written about how podcasts can be developed into a large scale internet radio station. Bloggers can provide the content via podcast and the station can be far more wide ranging than simply the blogging audience.

Intel Tunes Up New Radio Chip

Researchers for the chipmaker have developed a prototype all-CMOS dual-band radio chip supporting all flavors of Wi-Fi.

Satellite Radio Takes Off To The Great White North

Canadian radio listeners will have the opportunity to subscribe to a pair of satellite radio providers.

Schwarzenegger Podcasts

Podcasting knows no boundaries as a communication channel. It was just a matter of time before high-profile and internationaly-known politicians embraced this medium.

Podcasting Is Almost Mainstream

Is podcasting really starting to move as a serious business communication tool, never mind it’s entertainment appeal? Yet more signs:  1. iTunes to directly support podcasts…

Podcasts: How Professional Should They Sound?

Podcasts are a growing internet phenomenon. I have discussed podcasts before along with some of their possibilities and potential uses.

The Secrets Of Successful Radio Advertising

Ask some businesses about radio advertising and they’ll tell you it’s the greatest investment they ever made while others will tell you it was a complete waste of time and money. So why does radio work for some and not for others? What’s the secret to successful radio advertising?