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Google Preparing to Offer Radio AdWords?

TechToolBlog has received a survey request from Google that appears to focus purely on radio ads.

Google Looking into Radio AdWords

Google has invented, innovated on, acquired or purchased a number of technologies over the past two years to bolster its online advertising business. AdWords is arguably the most successful advertising program ever and Google is obviously not content to focus solely on Internet advertising.

Mike Grehan Grills Google’s Matt Cutts

Mike Grehan stalked Matt Cutts for over two years before finally getting him to stay still long enough for an interview.

Podcasting Desktop Radio

Remember when desktop publishing was the next big thing? (Of course not, you’d have to be my age and remember when certain rock formations were born.)

Mark Cuban to Host Radio Show on Sirius

Billionaire tech entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is getting his own radio show, according to the WSJ (sub).

Gaming Sites, Great; PR Sites, No

Public relations, an industry of professional communicators, not only scored at the bottom of all categories in the “Internet Standards Assessment Report,” but also apparently could not copywrite an effective flu shot campaign during an epidemic.

CBS Radio Suing Howard Stern Is A Joke

CBS Radio filed suit today against Howard Stern for $500 million for breach of contract and fraud.

XM Brings Push-Button Buying to Radio

Wow…one of my predications is about to become a reality. Remember back on Jan 18th, I commented on the Google acquisition of a radio ad network…

Imagine if Chevron Had Used a Blog Instead

Listening this morning to a BBC World Service radio interview with Peter Robertson, vice-chairman of the Chevron oil company, I was struck in particular by his commentary about a website where the public can join Chevron in an online discussion about the future of energy.

Finding Community On The Radio Dial

Paul Adams (via Seth) wonders “why radio stations can’t ping you by sms or even phone when they play a song you request.

Email Kills Telegram STOP Few Notice STOP

The Western Union telegram (the singing one, too) is dead. And in case you thought sending telegrams was a means of communication that died with The Three Stooges, or was trapped in Technicolor with Bugs Bunny, you were mistaken. Until last week, Western Union was sending 55 telegrams a day on average.

Googles Move Into Radio: What Does it Mean?

Google made headlines last week when it agreed to pay $1.1 billion for dMarc, a Newport Beach-based company that makes a suite of radio station automation tools.

The Podcasting Opportunity for Mainstream Media

BBC News: Almost two million BBC radio podcasts were downloaded during December, with the corporation’s breakfast programmes the most popular with listeners.

Google Monetizing the Worlds Media

So Google decided it’s time to see just how far they can take their “pay-per-action” ad model and acquired a radio advertising network.

Google AdWords and Radio

Hang onto your hats.

Google Acquires Radio Advertising Platform

From Google Blogoscoped, comes news that Google is acquiring Newport Beach-based dMarc Broadcasting, which runs an automated advertising platform for radio.

Google Plays AdWords On The Radio

The search advertising company purchased dMarc Broadcasting, a digital solutions provider for the radio industry, for $102 million cash and potentially as much as $1.136 billion over the next three years.

Google Adwords Coming to a Radio Near You

Hot off the press! Google has acquired dMarc technology for $102 million in cash and plans to integrate into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers.

Radio Firefox

Who knew there was a Radio Firefox?

Radio Research Firm Predicts Podcasting Growth

Bridge Ratings, which conducts research focused on radio, sees a bright future for podcasting.

Live Podcasts at Portable Media Expo

I was searching Google and Technorati looking for podcasts that were live or recorded at the Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.