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Could This Be The Next Wireless Revolution?
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First what you need to know about it, and then the hard stuff. The application of Phiar‘s metal-insulator quantum tunneling technology leads to the ability to wirelessly transmit huge amounts of data quickly without the signal breaching the drywall of the room you’re in.

 Could This Be The Next Wireless Revolution?

CBS Radio Wants To Expand On Web

The old media vs. new media arguments are usually based on the idea of print vs. the Internet.  CBS Radio is also looking to update itself, however, by embracing and expanding its online branches.

Truveo Brings Video To CBS Radio

Media continues to mesh into an amalgam of all kinds of content, the latest example coming in the form of a deal between AOL’s Truveo video search and CBS Radio.

The BlogCritics Radio Channel

BlogTalkRadio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/) and BlogCritics (http://blogcritics.org/), , today announced the creation of the new “BlogCritics Radio” Channel on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Jango and “Social Radio”

Does the “social radio” market — which features well-established players like Pandora and Last.fm — need another entrant?

Iheard: Internet Radio Search Engine

Recently FUSA Capital Corp launched iheard, a search engine for music, sports and talk radio stations.

About the search engine:

Sirius: Google’s Satellite Of Love?
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This hot little rumor has been bouncing around through the weekend: Google could be willing to purchase satellite radio provider Sirius.

Online Advertising To Pass Radio Advertising

Radio has been behind television and newspapers in adjusting to the digital world. This year for the first time, online advertising will surpass radio advertising spending in the U.S.

BBC Worldwide Launches Social Network

LiveWorld, an online social networking agency, said today that it is supporting a new social network for radiotimes.com, an online guide to television and radio for the BBC Worldwide.

Social Media Burnout

When the web was relatively new, I worked with a large insurance company to help them begin a monitoring program, this in the days before eWatch and other monitoring services. After the program was in place for a few weeks, the media relations manager got in touch with me to tell me how much time the effort was taking. A few months later, though, he reported that what initially was taking him several hours now got done in 15 to 20 minutes.

What happened? Something new and alien evolved into a routine.

Doomsday Approaches For Web Radio
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Sunday, July 15, 2007. Remember that date if you’re an Internet radio fan. It could be the day independent stations go offline. The RIAA wants its money, and it wants it by Sunday.

Define Business Transparency

I was supposed to be a guest speaker at a meeting on the East Coast last Friday. I was invited by PodCamp founder John Havens, who set up a BlogTalk Radio connection.

Yahoo Turns Off The Radio

A Day of Silence has swept across the bandwidth of a number of music webcasting services as they protest new royalty rates that could put them out of business for good.

The Day the Web Goes Silent
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Not a moment of silence, but a full day of silence is planned by US-based webcasters, lots of them, in protest of the Copyright Royalty Board’s increase in royalty rates. Internet radio stations argue the rate hikes are disproportionate and will shut down the entire Web radio industry.

You Can Get Radio Ads On eBay

The eBay Media Marketplace debuted to welcome at least one network willing to defy a cable industry boycott of the auction-based ad service.

Listen Up: Google Audio Ads

There are a few details about Google’s foray into radio advertising that make it sound like an idea worth trying.

Internet Radio Equality Act Loved By All
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Genuine cooperation between America’s two main political parties is rare, but when it occurs, something important is usually at stake.  Such is the case with the Internet Radio Equality Act, sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat, and Senator Sam Brownback, a Republican.

On-Demand Internet Radio Advertising

While Google’s out trying to conquer terrestrial advertising, a small start-up, TargetSpot, is building a platform that will allow businesses to easily and quickly create advertising to reach the 76 million listeners who prefer their radio of the online variety,according to the NYT.

Google and Radio (Why the Push?)

I’ve noticed that Google’s emphasis on the radio ads marketplace has been particularly strong – even amidst all of the other things they seem to be pumping all at once. Some client accounts have this tab visible (Account Snapshot); others, that tab (try this beta); and others, still, the other (Radio Ads). Or so it seems.

Google’s testing a lot of stuff right now, but you keep hearing about the radio part.

I wonder why?

Death Knell Chimes For Internet Radio
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In March, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board approved a proposal by SoundExchange, working on behalf of the RIAA, which would implement a significant increase in royalty rates for streaming audio providers. Realizing that these rates would put them under, online radio stations banded together in one last desperate appeal to the CRB to reconsider the decision.

Unfortunately for Internet radio providers, and for music lovers around the world, the judges at the CRB denied the appeal headed up by NPR and joined by several online radio stations.

Google Finds Clear Channel For Radio Ads

Last week Google CEO Eric Schmidt said to think of the company fist as an advertising system. True to his word, Google and Clear Channel Radio have entered into a multi-year deal that will allow Google to sell 30-second advertising inventory on 675 of Clear Channel’s AM/FM stations.