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Don Imus Puts New Mexico Ranch On The Market For Health Reasons

The New Mexico ranch that radio personality Don Imus has been opening once a year to children with cancer is being put up for sale for $32 million. Imus is reportedly selling his ranch because he can no longer breathe in the high altitude at which the property is located. The ranch Imus bought with his wife Deirdre in 1998 …

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Adam Lanza Made Strange Call To Radio Station

New information into the mind of Adam Lanza, the Newtown massacre shooter, has been released. Nearly a year before Lanza went on a rampage through Sandy Hook Elementary School, Lanza allegedly called in on an Oregon college radio station AnarchyRadio, and rambled on about a chimp named Travis that mauled a woman’s face in 2009. During the very strange call, …

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Carson Daly Offends Gay Community With JetBlue Joke

Carson Daly, who has hosted numerous television and radio programs including MTV’s Total Request Live, is in hot water over comments he made on his L.A. radio show earlier today. The comments were in reference to the JetBlue pilot who suffered a panic attack on a recent flight and had to be restrained after causing a scene. The flight, which …

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