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Pandora Royalty To Remain The Same

Federal judge Denise Cote in New York has left the rate internet music giant Pandora must pay to songwriters essentially the same, according to reports. In a ruling handed down on Friday March 14, Cote ruled that Pandora must pay The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) a rate of 1.85 percent of revenue through 2015, a rate …

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Pandora Lobbies to Equalize Broadcast Royalties in the Radio Industry

As it stands right now, newer radio broadcast stations like pandora and other internet-based services, pay more in broadcast royalties than more conventional FM broadcasters, who actually pay nothing. This year alone, Pandora has spent over $50,000 addressing this issue and lobbying congress. The company has maintained their focus on congress as they will be meeting with the Copyright Royalty …

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