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NEC Develops Super Thin Battery For IC Cards

NEC recently announced the development of an ultra thin 0.3 mm organic radical battery (ORB) that is compatible with standard Integrated circuit (IC) cards (found on some credit cards, public transportation passes, and hotel keys). Until now ORBs of 0.7mm thickness were standard, but this thickness is difficult to integrate into a plastic card that is only 0.76mm. This new …

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If You Use The Internet, You’ll Become a Terrorist

So, you use the internet frequently, you like to check your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Well, you’re probably a terrorist then; or, at least you’ll eventually become one. I mean with all the content that’s on the internet from porn to instructions to make a bomb, the internet is essentially a brainwashing tool, right? Well, that seems to …

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