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Malia Obama: Who Taught Her How to Drive?

Malia Obama didn’t go to a nearby Washington, D.C. driving school when she became old enough to drive. Instead, people from the Secret Service taught President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s older daughter to drive. Michelle Obama shared that …

Penelope Cruz Makes Gwyneth Paltrow Jealous, Signs On To ‘This Man, This Woman’

Penelope Cruz can add making Gwyneth Paltrow jealous to her list of life’s accomplishments. So what did she do to make the Goop founder feel that way? It apparently took place during the filming of their hit film Mortdecai, in …

Rachael Ray Show Sued by Fat Teen Featured in Weight Loss Segment
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Sending fat teens to boot camp, or sending troubled teens to “scared straight” prison sessions has been a staple of daytime television for decades. Now, it seems that one of these teens was not happy about her daytime TV experience, …

Rachael Ray Comes to eHow

Demand Media has partnered with another celebrity in what would seem to be an effort to bring more credibility to its content. The company recently partnered with Tyra Banks in the fashion category, and now it’s Rachael Ray for the food category. 

Yahoo Drops Search Spell Book
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For the most part, it seems to be an i-before-e problem, grey-hatters. I choose the grey-hatters because no self-respecting white-hat SEOer would target the poor spelling habits of the average searcher, right? Heh. Let’s leave self-respect out of it. The smart ones will.