Accusation: Domestic Spying Began Before 9/11

Accusation: Domestic Spying Began Before 9/11

By WebProNews Staff October 12, 2007

Well before the horrific 9/11 attacks, the National Security Agency reportedly approached former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio for access to the company’s customer phone records.

Qwest Finally Out Of MCI Bidding

The Denver-based telecommunication company plans to pursue other deals in the merger-filled telecom industry.

Profits Up, Revenue Down For Qwest

Qwest Communications reported its first-quarter financial results after losing the ongoing battle for MCI to Verizon.

Qwest Ignored; MCI Dotes On Low-Balling Verizon

Though Qwest Communication International was knocking at MCI’s door all dressed up with flowers and a wad of cash, MCI opened the door wider to reveal Verizon standing inside with a canary-eating grin on his face.

Qwest Not Out of the MCI Race Yet

Qwest Communications caught a break from MCI over the weekend as its board declared Qwest’s offer superior to Verizon’s.

Qwest Catches A Break In Bid War For MCI

It looks like Qwest Communications has finally caught a break in the ongoing battle with Verizon for the takeover of MCI.

Qwest Still Putting Up a Fight in Ongoing MCI Bid War

Qwest Communications has once again decided to increase its offer in the ongoing battle with Verizon for MCI.

MCI Faces Shareholder Criticism

MCI has faced some criticism for its decision to reject an offer from Qwest communications.

Qwest Faces Rejection From MCI Once Again

MCI has rejected Qwest once again with their offer of $9.1 Billion which Qwest claims is superior to Verizon’s offer.

If MCI finds Qwest’s Offer Superior, Verizon Will Back Down

Verizon has said that it will back out of its deal with MCI if MCI’s board decides that Qwest’s offer is superior.

Qwest Getting The Time Of Day From MCI

MCI has apparently decided to reopen talkes of a merger with Qwest communications who has been battling with Verizon for the company.

MCI Gets Anoteher Offer From Qwest

Qwest Communications increased its offer for MCI again, this time increasing it by $500 million to $8.94 billion.

Qwest Not Backing Down in MCI Bidding War

Qwest Communications has upped its offer for MCI again, this time to $8.94 billion , an increase of $500 million.

MCI Still Going WIth Verizon Over Qwest

MCI’s board of directors has accepted an amended offer from Verizon to acquire the company.

MCI Gets a Deadline From Qwest

Qwest Communications has given MCI until April 5 to decide whether or not it wants to accept its offer.

Qwest Sees Verizon’s Offer and Raises It $1.7 billion

Qwest Communications has increased its offer for MCI to $8.5 billion in an attempt to outbid Verizon.

Qwest to Up Bid for MCI

Qwest Communications is planning increase its bid for MCI to stop its deal with Verizon.