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Quintura Kept Aloft By Fresh Funding

The last time I wrote about Quintura, its “About Us” section made a fairly blatant plea for funding.  I noted this request, and called it desperate.  Now Quintura is millions of dollars richer, and I’m, well, not.

Quintura’s “See And Find” Interface Gets New Look

Quintura, the “see and find” search engine, went live this morning with a new user interface. Initial reactions were mixed: some people were impressed by it, while others found it a bit messy. Aesthetics may become less of a focus, however, after it was pointed out that Quintura’s search results are little more than a repackaged version of Yahoo’s offerings.

Quintura’s New Look At Search

While Ask is copying Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo with its AskCities, Quintura has something that’s far more worthy of a Digg or TechMeme-style overhyping. It’s visual search and I saw it at the Firefox party in London last Friday, just like Ewan McIntosh did, and it’s pretty damn cool.

Quintura Updates Keyword Research Tool

Quintura updated their website to allow you to use their keyword research tool right from there home page, without needing to download any software.

Search done? These Two Say ‘Hell No’

I have been checking into other search engines that do something better than the big three.