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AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition
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AOL’s continued lack of success, combined with its ongoing layoffs, has a lot of onlookers nervous.  The corporation can still push through an acquisition, though, and demonstrated its ability this week by finishing up the Quigo buy.AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition

AOL Acquires Q&A Service Yedda
AOL Acquires Yedda Q&A Service
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Late last week, AOL released some rather dismal third-quarter financial figures.  This branch of Time Warner isn’t about to go under, however, and its acquisition of Yedda should prove that point.

AOL Pings Quigo For Acquisition

Quigo and its AdSonar network became the latest in a string of advertising company acquisitions made by AOL in 2007.

Google Is Weak Because It Is Strong

Google’s stock closed last week at $637.39, Wall Street thinks Google’s third quarter earnings announcement may come in 50 cents higher per share than last quarter, the company gets two-thirds of the web searches and 40 percent of the ad revenue. They’re screwed.

Adtech Interview – Tom – Quigo Technologies

Quigo Technologies provides content-targeted ad services and search engine marketing solutions. Israel interviewed Tom (of Quigo) about the features and benefits of their adsonar and feedpoint services.

Spooked By Upstart, Google Spills The Beans

Google is set to allow advertisers to bid on where (which websites) their ads appear. The change appears to be in direct response to a New York upstart that’s been siphoning a bit of the online ad business.

ESPN Punts Yahoo, Pings AdSonar Instead

The ESPN website will stop using Yahoo for its text ads, choosing instead to go with Quigo and its AdSonar product to deliver those advertisements instead.

Advertiser Resources – Going Beyond Google

When we think about using paid search to market our products or services, our predominant focus is often the two major players – Google and Yahoo! (in that order).

Quigo Printing Money In Newspaper Ads

The search marketing and advertising company announced at SES 2005 a newspaper-focused version of its AdSonar Exchange product.