Law Firm Purges DoubleClick References

Law Firm Purges DoubleClick References

By WebProNews Staff December 13, 2007 | 1 Comment

The demand for the FTC chair to recuse herself from the Google and DoubleClick antitrust review yielded a surprising little twist.

Web Analytics News

Up here in British Columbia, Canada we are wrapping up a well deserved long weekend. To start this short work week I’d like to give a shout out to all the excellent web analytics related articles/posts from last week.

ASP.NET: Working with Query Strings

In many cases we write our ASP.NET logic around query strings in order to show the right product page or what not.

ASP.NET: HttpModule for Query String Encryption

URL parameters or query strings are often used to carry information that can be used by hackers to do identity theft or other unpleasant things.

MSN adCenter Showcases New SEM Offerings
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In the face of recurrent search losses, this week Microsoft showed off what its much-touted adCenter Labs has been working on. At Demo Fest in Redmond, Mr. Softie showcased what the company called “breakthrough digital tools” focused on improving keyword and content technologies, ad selection and relevance, audience intelligence, social networking, video, platforms, and devices.

Parsing XML As Query Object In Coldfusion
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I work in the financial industry as a developer and not that the financial industry has any greater implementation of XML than any other, but web applications that utilize back office processing for loan applications, or new account opening processes, or retail internet banking applications all to some extent make calls to a host. Many times it’s a DB2 database, and many times some other process that returns account information or validation information in xml format.

ColdFusion / XML Query Style
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At one point or another, whether it’s an enterprise level website, or one of your own, you’re going to have the burning desire to see how you can take advantage of what XML can do for your applications.

MySQL Optimization Tips
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Every programmer loves to optimize, even when we know we shouldn’t.

What’s New in BlueDragon 7?

New Atlanta, recently released Beta 1 of version 7 of thier BlueDragon CFML application server.

Hacking A Listers

Ahh, why do I fall for this stuff? Nick Carr started a whole debate about why he doesn’t get enough traffic.

Googles Query Refinements

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results in response to queries but limitations can be seen on what is actually returned based on the queries used.

How Bad Guys Hack into Websites Using SQL Injection
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SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web. Here I’ll try to explain in detail these kinds of vulnerabilities with examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.

Database Queries

This is a basic tutorial to teach newbies how to query a MySQL database using PHP, and how to display the results.

Blog Search Engine Sphere Launches

Hyped-up blog search engine Sphere launched a number of minutes ago, and already there is some discussion on it.

Doodle Your Search Query

DMNews has word of a new search engine that utilizes pattern recognition. With 3D-Seek, simply use the blank “canvass” interface to draw the product you are looking for.

Assertivenet is Gigablast Spider (Gigabot)

The purpose of this article is to provide evidence and information to counteract the suggestion that Assertivenet is potentially used for malicious purposes.

Google Click-To-Call Sightings

Another instance of the green phone icon appearing for some AdWords listings in Google search results has been reported online.